Monday, April 27, 2009

Wake Up!

Big sister loves to get little brother up when nap time is over! She would like to get him out too, but of course Mommy isn't so keen on that desire. I do let her get in the crib with him from time to time though and they both love that.

As you can see, Curly hair wakes up much messier from nap than those with non-curly hair.

They love to wrestle =).

Something light for you to chew on this afternoon. Thoughts at our house are way too heavy (in a good way though) to share just yet. If you think to pray for us that would be wonderful. We are in the process of making some major decisions and just want to be in God's will.


Vicky said...

They sure are cute! I love how well they get along, and I pray that it will continue all through their lives!

I'm praying for you (though you already know that...) :)

Raising Olives said...

Deep thoughts here too. Deep post coming up tomorrow, well maybe.

Praying for you.


Brie said...

I am extreamly curious as to what is going on in your house! Just thought I'd let you know that, ya know, in case you wanted to tell me! (in a private email of couurse.....or not)