Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to My Creativity Hole

This is the hole in which I create. It's a wonderful place. A long time ago, pre-conception of Smiles, I had a whole room to myself and my crafting. Then my sister came along and I shared it with her for awhile.

Post sister getting kicked out due to Smiles being "due", I thought that I would be okay to make him share with me. Unfortunately this wasn't going to work out. As it would turn out, the only time that I can "get my craft on" is when Smiles is sleeping. The only times that I cannot enter the room he is when he is sleeping.

You can see where that wouldn't work very well.

So, my poor husband so lovingly sacrificed his closet space for his wife's sanity and creativity by being vacated to the living room closet. Have I ever mentioned that he is the one that uses all the closet space, not me? Well, he is. It's all backward- I'm aware. We just like to be different.

Anyway, just thought that I would share with you where all of that special creating takes place. I am not like most women in that I cannot think up anything creative unless I am in my zone. Alone. I have to shut myself in there with all of my tools and then have very few interruptions. No going out to scrap for me. It just doesn't work.

The moral of the story is- you can make a space just about anywhere. It's just easier if you can keep all the stuff together and organized.


Jenilee said...

love the room and love the new layout! :)

Gramps said...

I glad to see that you got a lot of GG's genes in your system. They come from your Great Grandma also. GG and GGG both have to have their special place. Love what you do.

Mom (Lisa) said...

In are taking up closet space too. Just not for clothes! No need to thank me for pointing that out;) (I must support my favorite S.I.L.)
I have an empty room upstairs that I intend to turn into my creativity room. Why haven't I made the time to do it?
Your little "nook" is very impressive. To be fair, it absolutely would not work in the living room closet!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

To clarify, Mom, I was talking about clothing and closets. Before I took over with the crafts and the closet was for clothes, the whole thing was filled with Handsome's clothes. I had a very small corner.

He hangs everything.

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I just dont like wrinkled shirts...thats all. To be fair, you have 1 more drawer than me in the dresser. :)

Get your craft on!

Mom (Lisa) said...

I'm with handsome on the "hate to iron thing"
I knew what you were saying about the closet thing...I just like to bug you a little from time to time.
It's in my job description...somewhere...I think.