Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet the Family: Grandma S

I have one more parent on my side to tell you about. This is Grandma S.

She was married to my Dad and I liked her so much that I decided to keep her. She is pretty sweet.

(Yes. It's true I didn't take this picture. BUT...since I did doctor it up a bit I figured it would qualify anyway. Picture of a know, it works. It seems my own mother doesn't know that all my pictures are my own. She thought that this one was stolen from Google. Ummm, did you notice that fact that the verse I captured fit perfectly with the post Ma? I am NOT that good at Google searches.)

Dad Married Grandma S before Handsome and I got married. I didn't really get to know her well until a couple years in though. I knew that she was a wonderful woman, with a kind hearted spirit, I just didn't know the details.

Handsome and I got married in August of 2003 and in October(ish) we moved into an old milking barn that Dad had converted into a home. We were right on the property that Dad lived on with a bunch of his kids and Grandma S and her daughter Giggles of course lived there too (she has a very distinct laugh that is very contagious). I got to know them better living there.

A year or so before I got pregnant with Curly, I started working at a company that was right across the street from Grandma S. We both rode the bus to work. Most of the time we rode at different times, but there were a few times when we got to ride the bus together and those times were wonderful. That's when I feel like I really got to know her. (A forty five minute ride a couple of times will do that.)

Then Curly was born. Grandma S came and saved me a couple of times when I was exhausted with a baby that wouldn't sleep. Handsome worked an overnight shift for the first 18 months of Curly's life- boy am I glad that is over with! My dad came with too, but she did the soothing for a short while so that I could get some sleep. Oh golly did she love to hold those babies. (There was only one. I am just saying...she isn't so particular what babies, though I am sure that she loves her babies at least a little more than random ones off the street.)

As Dad and Grandma S were going through things that led up to the unhitching of the two of them, I really connected with her even more. I felt that she was so soft on a spiritual level, seeking the Lord more than many. Rough times will get you to that point if you aren't there already. I also felt that I understood some of her pain, though in a different way.

Since they divorced I still see and e-mail with her often. She is so amazing at keeping up with us, I am not as good at it as she is because I can hardly keep track of what is required of me by law =). She comes to visit and see the kids and Giggles comes with her too. (And the two babies she has blessed the world with.)

I just realized I didn't say that much about her for you to feel like you "know" her a little.

Whenever they come to visit, Grandma S brings fruit snacks. Curly loves them, that's the only time she gets to have them. She loves girly dresses and bought Curly the most adorable Easter dress last year. She has great taste in dresses. She even bought a little purse to go with.

This woman is so thoughtful that she makes me feel mindless sometimes. She has purchased me a mother's day gift each year. What's up with that!?! And she sends the sweetest e-mails often just asking how we are doing and keeping us posted. Strangely enough, until recently she was my updater on J family news. She was living with my aunt and uncle and got to hear what was going on. Dad has never been good at keeping us updated. I guess that's not a thing men are good at.

So, even though she is not a technical extra mom anymore, she still counts in my book. Gotta love Grandma S.


Sheryl said...

Thank you for the lovely tribute, Miss Amberlyn! I could not ask for a sweeter blog spotlight. I am blessed to have you in my life and even though I am no longer officially in the J family, I decided a long time ago that you're a keeper! I have found very few kindred spirits in my life, but you are one of them. What a great daughter you are. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with me. My life is all the better for it. Hugs and kisses,

From Grandma S!

SuperMama said...

I think my title fits me perfectly! In fact it was my nickname when I was younger. Nice job!

Mom (Lisa) said...

I believe Grandma S. has magic powers...She charmed Chalupa into dancing with her at your wedding and that is the proof. (of course I cut in, Sorry, it is still the one and only time I have danced with my husband) Thank you S. for sharing that dance!

Bronwyn said...

She is an amazing woman! And how does she manage to be so dand thoughtful?! She never forgets any of my kids birthdays. I barely manage to remember their birthdays.