Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poor Smiles

Poor Smiles. I feel bad for the guy. Does he remind you of anyone here?

No? Okay, lets try with a hint. Does he remind you of anyone now?

Yep. That's the one. That gym teacher with the awful shorts that were WAY too short. You know, the running shorts that were in style back in the 1970's. The teacher that everyone secretly laughed at but didn't say anything to his face. Yes, I am probably guilty too. (We were all less mature in junior high than we are now...or you are just still very in need of some growing up.)

Sorry nameless gym teacher with the shorts. Please forgive me for laughing at you secretly.

I think Smiles deserves an apology from me as well. You see, I was rather unprepared for a certain hot day and the only shorts that I had for Smiles were in a size that was a little too small. they were size 3 mos...and he wears 12-18 months right now...

Sorry Smiles. I know you don't care right now, but someday when you are 15 and you look back at this blog and some friend of yours thinks this is really funny and decides to share it with all of your other friends- trust me, you will probably care.

I'll make you some cookies. Heck, I'll even throw in a glass of milk.


Vicky said...

Future-Smiles: It could have been worse. She's got boxes of Curly's clothes out in the garage. You could have ended up in some properly-fitting pink or purple shorts... they may have even had pretty flowers on them :)

Note to self: Next time you're at Target, wander through the baby section and see if they have shorts on sale for boys in the 12-18 month size...

Vicky said...

Also, I think it might be the mid-shin socks combined with the short-shorts that make him look even more "gym-teacher-esque" :)

Pure Mommy Extract said...

NICE! I didn't even notice that!

POOR Smiles...=(

Mom (Lisa) said...

When I was in school EVERYBODY who was cool wore short shorts and knee high white socks (usually with colored stripes at the top). If your shorts were too long (past mid-thigh) you were a "dweeb"
Smiles is sporting the 70's retro look quite nicely!
Anyone out there in blogland who remembers this look?
Can I get an OH YEAH?

Mom (Lisa) said...

Come to think of it, Smiles in this ensemble also reminds me of Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh.