Thursday, November 6, 2008

Emily's Story

Emily was born on Monday November 3, 2008 at 26 1/2 weeks gestation. It's been a tough road getting to this point and she has a long one ahead as well.

Emily is a twin. I remember how elated her mommy was when she called me with the news that she was pregnant with twins. It was such a blessing to her. Eighteen weeks into her pregnancy her water broke with Emily's twin, Allison. Mom was put on very strict bed rest in hopes of preventing labor. At 24 weeks gestation they finally had to be put in the hospital after a close call with labor. At this point, things looked grim for baby Allison due to lack of amniotic fluid to develop her lungs, and if Emily was born she would be very young and survival would probably be a fight. Many joined in prayer from the start of this process, it has been amazing to see people spread the word and care so much about a family they have never met.

On November 3rd I got a message from Emily's Daddy. It said that labor had begun and they were in need of prayer. We got the message out and the prayers were lifted up all day long. With uncertainty and anticipation we all awaited news. Would the babies we had been praying for be okay? What would unfold tonight?

Around the 8 o'clock hour I got a call from Brie. She told me that the babies were here and in the NICU. They had a little trouble getting the breathing tube in for Emily and things weren't looking good for Allison who had stiff lungs. At 11:26pm on November 3, 2008, a few hours after she drew her first breath, Allison passed from this life to the next in the arms of her father. Her parents had the bittersweet gift of holding her for a short time before she went to be with Jesus.

Emily is still in the NICU. She has a long stay ahead of her, but hopefully one that will end with her first car ride home with her parents. Please join in prayer for this little bundle of hope that many have already placed in their hearts. Pray for this family that is grieving for the loss of one, and hopeful for the life of another. We will never forget the life of Allison Anne Moore. Though she was with us for such a short time, she impacted more lives than many do with years of life.


Suzie said...

My prayers are with baby Emily, Brie and their family..thanks for keeping me updated through all this

Keren said...

I do love the new look!! Beautiful pictures! I copied and pasted the code into my blog but its too brother in law said he could fix it so I'll wait for him...unless you know how to make it fit? :)