Friday, November 14, 2008

Bellowing Wretch

Crazy two year old singing. That is what has been ringing through my halls as of late. It's sweet at first, but then the novelty wears off a when her brother is sleeping. That can get my goat sometimes.

Anyway, I love that she is remembering songs so well these days. She can get all the way through Jesus Love Me, ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and yes...Grace song too. That's Curly for Amazing Grace, which is her current favorite. I can't help but laugh as this little innocent, okay scratch the innocent, beautiful child starts bellowing at the top of her lungs, "SAVED a WRETCH like MEEEEEE." Have to say, sometimes I feel like letting myself think she is a wretch. Okay, not so much. Just in a fun, joking way. But when she sings from the gut with such gusto that grace saved a WRETCH like her...who in their right mind wouldn't smile just a little? I think they need a heart transplant or something.

I wonder what the next favorite will be. Watching her learn new things and have little spurts of growing-upness is great entertainment.


Vicky said...

Okay, this had me laughing so hard I have actual tears in my eyes. Oh my! Oh the mental picture.

Do me a favor... call me next time she's singing Amazing Grace. I have GOT to hear this (OOOOOH, OR get it on video! And post it on your blog!!!!)

Vicky said...

We sang "Amazing Grace" at my grandpa's funeral... I nearly laughed when we got to the "saved a wretch like me" line because I thought of this story. :)