Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, the other night I walk into Curly's room to get her dressed for bed. She is running around like mad, her usual self at bedtime when wanting to delay, and in walks Dad. Her hands shoot up to her chest and cover her little nubs in a cupped fashion. Trying not to laugh and turn it into a big thing, I ask her what she is doing.

"Covering my bre@sts." (She has learned about these from the feeding of her brother. I am lucky to have avoided an uncomfortable conversation or statement in public thus far. I hope this trend sticks.)

"Oh, okaaaayyyy." I said with a quizzical tone, not expecting any further response. I was a bit curious what started this, though we have talked about what things should be kept private recently because with a brother now in the house, some questions have arisen and I didn't want the answers to prompt some public humiliation.

"Daddy can't see them Mommy. They're priiivate."

Well, there you have it. We have reached the age where Dad is a boy and must respect her privacy. It was rather cute.

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Katherine Laine said...

And you pray she keeps them private for years and years to come.