Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lesson on Forgiveness

If only I could forgive like a child. What an example they are in so many ways, and yet we become so frustrated with the things that they don't do the way we want them to. My little Smiles is such a forgiver, I am sure just because he is not tainted by experience yet. It's amazing to me how I can lose my temper and be upset with him, yet minutes later he is over it. I get huge smiles. His feelings do not stay hurt, he doesn't harbor a grudge against me. He just loves me, exactly as I am with all the faults.

He hasn't seen many episodes of my temper. The past couple of days I have had "crap raining down on me"...the wording is for you Mom... from a bunch of different directions and it's beyond my ability to deal with all of it. Now he has unfortunately experienced a bit of yelling and crying from Mom. I suppose I could use some prayer in that matter if any feel so inclined.

My children teach me so many lessons. Who would I be without them?


Tom said...

I'm always praying for you honey! BIG HUGS!

Mom (Lisa) said...

How could your children not get over a stressed out mommy quickly...You clearly ADORE them and they clearly KNOW you do!

The loud message is "I am loved a lot by my parents." The little message is "What's wrong with Mommy today? Maybe she needs a diaper change?" (cryptic reference to "crap" comment) ; )
Who better to cheer you than a smiling unconditional and painfully cute innocent child who trusts you utterly and completely? And he knows his trust is not missplaced. It helps you to both put everything into perspective pretty fast.