Monday, November 10, 2008

Savor the Moment

Picture this- you give a two year old a plain M&M, the small ones...we aren't talking some freak M&M's that they have for a special time or something, the ones you would buy in the check out line at the grocery store. What do you imagine would happen to that M&M? Yes, I did say ONE, not a handful or a couple, just one. If you are a normal human being with normal, human children (I am still not sure if mine is), it wouldn't take much imagination at all to picture the M&M quickly being devoured in the mouth on a journey to the stomach with no guarantee that there was chewing involved at all. I'll be honest here for you, I would probably do very similar. They are tiny little things you know.

Not at our house. I bet you didn't even think it was possible, but my child takes the tiny piece of chocolate and eats it in three to four bites. No joking kids, three to four bites! It's so funny to watch because, though her fingers are small, they get in the way when eating such a tiny piece of candy in so many bites. It's like watching a mouse eat something, yet even more neurotic. I have to say, I don't understand. I do love that she makes me laugh so much though.

It got me thinking. She is just savoring every little bit of that M&M (you would think she had lived through the depression or something), stretching it as far as it will go. I am a three year old boy in spirit. I devour my way through life always looking ahead, and when I get there I don't savor it because I am looking far ahead at the next thing. Perhaps I would do better to take my martian daughter's example to heart and start to savor the moments that I am in. Enjoy the night time feedings with Smiles, reading with my daughter, and cleaning up after them both. Perhaps I should worry less about the laundry and the dishes and instead spend time enjoying the moments that I have with them.

For tomorrow I will be 95 looking back and wondering what life tasted like.


Brie said...

Atleast she is eating them and not putting them up her nose like somebody else we know.....

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Hey! Those were peanut M&M's, and Tom fell in love with me when he saw it. It's my secret weapon to draw a man in!

Vicky said...

Well, why didn't you tell me all I needed to do was shove peanut M&Ms up my nose?! Amber, you failed me! :)

I totally ate my plain M&Ms in multiple bites as a kid. Occasionally, we'd get a bag as a special treat. It would take me the better part of a day to get through that bag. I'd still be nibbling long after my brother and sister had devoured theirs.

I'm not sure which planet Alexis is from, but I'm fairly certain I came from there too :)

Laurel said...

Oh dear ... looks like Alexis has "inherited" a few things from Vicky. You'd better watch her carefully. :)