Friday, November 21, 2008

My Two Things

So, there are two things that infuriate the crud out of me. You see, it took me awhile to figure it out, I just knew when I was frustrated beyond all get out. I wasn't quite sure what caused it until recently.

#1- when something messes with my plans.

#2- children who don't get enough sleep. (I kept this one broad for a reason, though prompted by MY children when lacking sleep.)

Today I will expand on the first. I will save the sleep for it's own post tomorrow.

By the way...did I mention that I am eating totally awesome chocolate cake? No? Well, I am. It's the Costco version that has the large chunks of shaved chocolate on the sides...mmmm, you should go and get some. I don't want you to be jealous this whole post.

Sorry about that. So, I was going to tell you that I am a planner. A "to the max, think things through, that's why I am such a worrier" planner. I have ways of doing things that are just the way you all should do them too. I think someday I will write an instruction book for life so that you can do things my perfect way too. (Can't hear the sarcasm in there a is your little elbow in your arm- I am joking kids.) I do make plans for my day. Be it on a piece of paper, or just in my head, it's still somewhat sketched out ahead of time. Planning makes things run smoothly and takes away many of the frustrations that come with the unexpected.

You see, there is only one problem. My kids...well, they laugh my plans to the moon. It seems that more often than not, when I have plans my children will find a way to make it harder than diamonds to accomplish. Example: "Today I think I will finally get to some reading while both kids are napping. I have that book to get back to the library and I need to finish it." Enter children. All hunched over in planning mode, rubbing their hands together and speaking in whispers, "Mom wants to read that book. I'll get sleepy a bit early and then wake up a bunch of times throughout my sleep times today. You take a long time to pick up toys and then eat REALLY slow. When Mom is just about to leave your room after putting you down, I will wake up and start crying with no end. It will drive her nuts!" excitement exudes from their bodies as if a dump truck full of candy just dropped a load over their heads.

Should I resign myself to the fact that my plans will be thwarted over the extent of my child rearing years? I think not. You people don't know me at all. I am more stubborn than they could ever dream of being. They may be smart, feisty little twerps, but I am going to make them work for it. This mommy does not give up that easily! Luckily today my chocolate cake waters down the frustration.


Brie said...

Are you sure we aren't related?? I swear sometimes we are so much alike it's scarey, but then again we are so different. Thats probably why we get along so well though! I am the same way with my plans for the day. Never fails that someone ruins them for me and it drives me crazy!!!!

Vicky said...

I personally don't understand the whole "need a plan" thing at all. I love living my life by the seat of my pants, going wherever the wind blows. Oh the adventures you can have when you aren't boxed in by a plan! And you know how I adore having a few adventures each day. They really make my life exciting and unexpected, which is GREAT! ;)

Katherine Laine said...

I hate to break it to you, but someone already wrote that book:

Life's Little Instruction Book