Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet Forest

"Hi! I'm Forest the bear."

This little guy is one of Smiles' few interests outside of people. He isn't really a toy kind of kid so far. My little girly was quite into toys right off the bat. She loved to swing her arms at stuff and talk to things...all that good baby stuff. Smiles is different, as I know all kids are. He loves to just sit and observe. With a big sister like Curly, who is quite a ball of wild energy though many of you don't see it (she likes to be shy around strangers), he can stay entertained by just watching her.

Getting back to Forest the bear. First of all, Forest was/is the name of another bear that Curly has. She just out of the blue one day told me that his name was Forest. We will have to ignore that fact that she often calls this same bear Alleluia, because two names are hard to keep track of for one bear. Anyway, the black bear was a gift to Curly from Handsome's relatives that I met for the first time around Smile' birth. They were here with perfect timing, meeting me while pregnant, and then also getting to meet Smiles in the hospital and one time after.
She decided that she would give her bear to Smiles. At first it was something that was forced on the poor kid, but he is very patient with his big sister. I can't believe all the stuff that he takes from her and actually smiles about! He loves her very much, it's quite clear. So, after a little while he started enjoying this bear. He will chew on it's mouth and grab and hug it. All kinds of sweet things. I decided that I like the name Forest for a bear, so his bear gets to have that name as well. She does change the other name half the time anyway. I just think it's sweet that he loves the toy that his sister gave to him. I like to think it's extra special to him just because she gave it to him.

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