Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Act as Resident little brother who would be properly classified as a teenager is a temporary resident at our home for the weekend. As I would expect from most boys that can be classified in this category, his first act as resident is pictured above. It just makes me laugh. Totally predictable.


Vicky said...

Well, if he's there, what do you need me for? He could babysit the kids... I'm sure he would love a chance to sing "OH COME LET US ADORE HIM", make bottles, and rock Ben. :)

Um, yeah, I'll see ya at 11.

Mom (Lisa) said...

Hmmm...A sweet quiet boy with his hand on his face, looking at a picture of another sweet quiet boy...with his hand on his face!

I love the irony of this photo! Even though I know he's just waiting for his game to load.
It's still cute!