Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You for Loving Me

This morning as Curly was going into the bathroom, being told to shut the door by her daddy, she kept almost closing the door and then stopping. "I love you Momma." She would say. The door would nearly close and then, as if she had forgotten something very important (this was not a laughing game for her), she would open it back up and tell me she loved me again.

Her last profession of sincerity was this:

"Thank you for loving me!"

How sweet is that?!


Jenilee said...

very sweet!!!

Vicky said...

Aw! Combine that with yesterday's "You take good care of us, Vicky" and I'd say she's going through a very sweet stage right now. Let's hope it lasts forever and ever :)

Katherine Laine said...

I want one! That's way nicer than getting licked in the face by my dog... which ironically he does right before he goes outside to potty.... weird.