Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting a Lickin'

Tonight as we were cleaning dishes after our Sunday dinner, Curly was helping us dry them. I look over at her since her Daddy was laughing...or trying not to. Can you guess what I saw?

I thought about actually making you guess and posting the answer tomorrow, but since no person in their right mind would be capable of guessing, I will tell you.

My daughter, sweet as she may be, was LICKING a glass! I KNOW! What was going through her head? She was helping dry and then suddenly switched to creating more moisture. Not just any moisture, but not so clean moisture. I was a bit in shock and had to "sneeze" and turn my head a couple of times while discussing the reasons we DO NOT lick clean cups when we are helping to dry them. I just had a terrible time not laughing- mostly out of shock.

Do not ask me to understand the workings of a child's mind. It is beyond me.


Tom said...

Well this is better then when the whip cream dropped on the kitchen floor and she wanted to lick it up. Did I tell you about that? :)

I can handle a little extra wetness on a glass or two, but cat and dog hair, among all other sorts of little gross stuff on my daughters tongue. Nuh uh!

Vicky said...

Why is it I willingly share drinks with her, but the thought of drinking out of a glass that she's licked grosses me out? Especially since I'm assuming she only licked the outside of the glass.

Still, I'm glad you put a stop to it and explained that the point of washing dishes was for them to be clean (and I think it's funny that you had to "sneeze" so much). I seriously don't understand the logic of toddlers sometimes...

Jenilee said...

so funny. i know. you wonder where they get their ideas from. :)