Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Bath With Jesus?

Children understand Jesus so differently than adults. I am thinking about making a label for "Jesusisms" because of all the little things that Curly says. Would that be inappropriate?

I am getting ready to get in the shower and I was just telling her that she had to wait to take her bath until I get out. She knows that she can't take a bath without an adult there to start the tub and keep an eye on her. That's never much of an issue with my rules following little girl. So, she is naming off the adults that can help her with a bath.

"Mommy can give me a bath. Daddy can give me a bath. Grandma can give me a bath, and Vicky Mom, Vicky can give me a bath too."

"Yes, Vicky can give you a bath too."

"And Jesus, Mom. Jesus can give me a bath too."

Yeah, the understanding of a child. "Honey, Jesus doesn't really do baths. He's more in the business of cleaning hearts. Mommy will take care of cleaning the outside of you, and we will let Jesus get the inside. Okay?"



Katherine Laine said...

Amber, the way to snatched up that opportunity to give your child a glimpse of the business of Jesus has made me smile. Too often I see folks let moments of teaching go down the drain with the dirty water.

Stefanie said...

I love when children are a reflection of what their parents live and are teaching them! Great job!

Vicky said...

I really hope you actually used the phrase "Jesus doesn't really DO baths". CRACKED ME UP!

And I would have happily come and given her a bath, except for the whole "I was at work" thing.

You definitely need to create a label for "Jesus-isms" because they deserve a category all their own.

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Yes. I actually DID use the wording, "Jesus doesn't really DO baths..." You know the way I talk with her, so I am sure you can hear it in your mind.

Mom (Lisa) said...

When I was little, I thought the Baptisimal font was a really big bathtub at church...