Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For Gramps

Curly made a special video last night while getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, it was too long for Blogger, so we had to make another one that was shorter. Here is the less lengthy, but still cute video for you Gramps and GG. She had lots of fun with it.

FYI - the covering of the eyes is due to the explanation of blind. She didn't know what quite a few of the words meant and so we explained. So, you get covered eyes because if she isn't supposed to be able to see while she is blind. Yep. Enjoy =)


Vicky said...

It may have been meant for Gramps and GG, but I watched it twice (so far). Adorable!

When she sings for me, it's always at bedtime so she's very quiet... WOW, mid-day singing is far more passionate. I loved the look on her face when she sang "was blind but now I see". Also, I love that "P" had it's own little moment there... poor letter is so often lost amidst "LMNO" and "QRS" :)

Thanks for posting this!

Handsome said...

Gramps and GG I hope you enjoyed! It's always amazing seeing and hearing her sing. She is quite a lovely little girl if I can say so myself. And I can. I just did.

Brie said...

She is adorable!! Your family has managed to brighten my day 2 days in a row now! (even though that was ment for Gramps and GG) I love the n...n...n..o P!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

I agree with Brie, N-N-N-OP! That's the best part of the whole singing. I also love the "I love you" she gets really close up and she has a silly look on her face that is just beyond cute!