Monday, January 19, 2009

No Time

I have been extremely busy the last little while with...well, I won't get into all the things that I have been doing because I don't have time. There have also been quite a few things that I have wanted to say, but haven't had time to write. I don't have time for most but here are a couple of random things to note.

-It is your legal obligation to stop at a crosswalk (at least in our state it is) when someone is standing there. AND, even if it was not the law, it is something you should do out of respect and care for your neighbor. Especially if said person is a young person. I so often see people waiting to cross where they have legal right of way....

-Green Tea isn't green, or at least not always. What? I KNOW! I have been trying to figure out what the Chinese restaurant down the road serves as their tea. I am not a big tea drinker, but I am trying to go off the bean (I know. That's a hard thing to do there!) and I like to have something warm to drink. When I go there I always drink quite a bit of the tea. Mom said, "Is it Green tea?" I told her, "No." Handsome said, "Isn't it Green tea?" I said, "No. It's brown." I may be the only person in the world that didn't know that Green tea is not always green. On the off chance that you didn't know that, well now you do. Also, in our defense (the imaginary person that didn't know that and myself) they make all kinds of stuff that's cold stating that it has green tea in it, and it's GREEN. So there. No mocking here.

-Children are silly. You already know that, but I can't take time to write the stories that reminded me of that recently yet, so that's what you is gettin for now.

Off to finish meh chores.


Brie said...

I thought green tea is green! Or a yellowish green anyway, and you would think we would know that given we worked at coffee stands when tea is served! If you are looking for a good tea, stash lemon ginger is my favorite!! I could drink it all day and it has no caffine. It is really good with a little honey and sugar. mmmm!! Its also good to make as iced tea. I wish they carried it at Costco.

Jami Janelle said...

I am a tea lover myself. lots of asian restaurants serve jasmine tea. one of my new favorites is acai tea. it is so good for you and tastes delicious too. :)