Friday, January 2, 2009


As you can plainly see, my resolutions (actually I don't do those at all...ever) do not include keeping a cleaner house. I was looking at the disaster that is my house and decided to take photos of it (no, I don't drink...I have no clue what was going on up there). I have to say that as mortified as I was seeing it in real life, looking at it through the eye of the camera was even worse! After seeing it, I for sure did not want to post this. We gotta be real here people. I had to do it.

So...facing my fears!

You can see carpet up there. See, no big deal...right? *awkward smile followed by a sheepish half-laugh*
Why is it that Mom and Dad's room is always the worst?

Yeah I know. What's up with that?

Someone please tell me that my house doesn't always look like that! Do I just have blinders on? Oh goodness...I bet I am going to hear crickets chirping after posting this.

More on this tomorrow...


Vicky said...

Your house does not always look messy!!!!!!

However, a combination of Christmas, sick kids, and rotten-weather (which has left you homebound for 2 weeks) probably doesn't help.

Did Curly follow you around as you took pics? She's in quite a few of them!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

She was. I almost said something in there about it, but didn't. She has been quite a Momma's girl today.



"I want you."

Vicky said...

Oh, how sweet!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...
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Handsome said...

So that's where my Everquest lithograph went. I had forgotten about it! Silly high-elf wizard needs to put some clothes on apparently.

Thanks for airing our dirty laundry online......and validating my "pile" to everyone. I do appreciate it! :p