Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday 27 Style!

Today is somebody's birthday!

Here is my tribute to the birthday girl. They are the most recent pictures I have of her. This was when she came to visit us in the hospital when Smiles was born. A lot has happened in the six months since that picture was taken, a lot of tough stuff. Here's to a much better year for 27 (that's how many years people...I do know what the year is).

I am going to go and eat something sweet just for you. I know, I know. I am too kind. I will even send happy thoughts of chocolate icing your way whilst I chomp away.

Hey, it may not be much, but not everyone gets a happy birthday blog. That's just how we roll at our house. is your present Miss Brie. I couldn't wrap it, so you will just have to scroll down to see it- JUST FOR YOU, from Handsome and I!

Now that's some love baby!


Vicky said...

I really like the B&W pic of Brie w/ Ben. Very cute! The seagulls are a bit disturbing, but I know it's some inside joke :)

Happy Birthday Brie!!!!

Brie said...

Thank you you guys, I love you guys so much! I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Katherine Laine said...

Aw! What a cool present!

Handsome said...

Aww the memories...I bet you don't wake up to a seagull in bed or in the shower anymore! :) Sad actually. Hope you had a great birthday Brie!

Great post wifey.

Brie said...

Your right Tom, that is very sad. As terrifying as it was at the time I sure do miss it now!! Some of my favorite memories are from that apartment! I could not have asked for better people to live with, it was like living with family.