Monday, January 5, 2009


You know that song where you sing Hallelujah a couple of times shrunk over small and singing a bit quiet and then you stand up really tall and sing out really loudly, PRAISE YE THE LORD...? You know that one?

Well, I don't think my little singer understands what that means. She has the words a little mixed up.

She likes to go into her brother's room to "get him up" for me. She will go in and stand over his crib and talk to him until I get there. She gets him laughing quite well, so I don't protest the requirement that I not get him for "couple minutes".

So...this morning...I hear her singing to him. It was quite cute, and made me laugh.

"Allay-ooh, allay-oo, allay-oo, allay-oo-ya....CRAYYYY-ZEEEEE the Lord!"

I think she just means that the Lord is crazy to love us so much. You think that works? I think it works.


Jenilee said...

that is adorable. it does sound like crazy - I can totally see how she got that. we are children's pastors and I love hearing the kids versions of songs. so cute. :)

Vicky said...

Oh that girl cracks me up. But it does make sense. :)