Friday, January 9, 2009


My boy is being trained to have a refined sense of taste. Tonight we were at my parents house and they had some different things on the dinner table. Smiles had some skinned pear (yes, I let him suck on a slice of pear...he has a minimal gag reflex and has been on some solids for a month or so and pears are pretty easily squished in the mouth). He loved the pear and tried to take the whole thing out of my hand. We decided to mash it up after that. Then he tried some goat cheese with it. He liked that quite a bit too, though he thought the texture was a bit weird. Goat cheese is quite creamy.

Goat cheese and pears. We could call that gourmet for baby.

(and no, that isn't goat cheese on his's brown rice cereal, I didn't have my camera tonight)


Vicky said...

Ya know, you start him off with foods like that and he'll never be content with PBJ and Quesadillas :)

Mom (Lisa) said...

I LOVE these pics of my smiley boy!