Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode to Mom

Thank you for...
  • late night chats when all you wanted to do was sleep
  • sharing your bed and letting me speak about your rear in my dream land
  • pizza and movie nights with Little Caesars small pizza's and Blockbuster
  • sharing your clothes when they always came back in less than nice condition
  • surprises from the store for your big girl babysitter
  • giving me a love for all things old fashioned
  • sharing the gift of Anne of Green Gables
  • letting all my friends come home with me and loving them as your own
  • taking aforementioned friends to Safeway all dressed in crazy clothes with stuff all over our faces and full of silly beans...and not even showing that you were extremely embarassed
  • cleaning up after me more often than you should have
  • giving me the gift of being a big sister to many so that I didn't have as much trouble becoming a Mommy
  • campfires in the yard under the trees
  • teaching me to work for things
  • protecting me from feelings of entitlement
  • supporting me in my faith
  • letting me grow up, even though it was hard
  • sharing your chocolate drawer with me (before we knew it was my poison)
  • forcing me to get my first job at the skating rink- I loved that job
  • sacrificing as a single mother
  • banana bread
  • giving me an appreciation for those that are older than I am
  • loving my children and helping me on days that I need it
  • always taking the stinky diapers when we are with you
  • being there for me when I had a hard time bringing Smiles into this world
  • giving me at least one adult conversation to start the day...even when you were working
  • the gift of meat =)
  • being there any time I needed to call you in the middle of the night when I was alone and afraid
  • not telling anyone about that one the grocery store...
  • being flexible with holidays
  • playing chicken foot even when you hate it (sometimes)
  • frah la zah
  • supporting our upcoming ventures so much
  • sharing your lemon limeade, that was awesome
  • and you know, birthing me and all
  • faithfully reading all of my blogs and making me feel like I am interesting (cause you aren't partial at all)
Thank you for all these things and more. I love you Mom.


Mom said...

Thank you for your thoughtful reflections...brought tears to my eyes. I am very thankful to have done all those things with and for you!

And I would like to thank you this Mother's Day for making me a mother for the first time, still at the top of my "most important days of my life" list.

Thank you for being such an amazing big sister/apprentice mom. As a single mom it really smoothed out some of the bumps in the road. I know it was sometimes a sacrifice for you, but you never grumbled.

I love you tons!

I have learned the complicated strategy of chicken foot and it is fun for me now. I challeng you to a chicken foot tournament in August at Gramps & GG's dining room table...prepare to be whooped upon!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady from a beautiful lady. I think that you look a lot alike in that picture, too. You are both awesome mothers and just plain good people. Love ya!

EH said...

that's beautiful... beautiful picture too.