Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet the Family: The Viking

The Viking is the next brother in line. He belongs to my mother and is her third child. He stands alone in his father (only child at his dad's house), so he has some qualities that differ from some of the rest of us.

The Viking is named such due to a few things. First of all, this young lad has had a six pack as long as I could remember. His abs were strapping from birth- I'm not joking! (Okay, I am.) When he was around the age of six...I may or may not have made him show all my friends. (I will not fully admit to all sins. Just enough sharing so that I am not lying.) Second, he is kinda tough. Or so he likes you to think anyway. He is a scruffy, quick-witted, beer drinking, goes his own way because he wants to guy.

But at the same time, he is a tender hearted, child loving, extremely generous, musically talented, dictionary-like, chicken lover. He likes to keep you guessing I suppose.

When The Viking was a baby, he was very easy going and happy. He and Brody spent lots of time together when they were little and were very close. Don't assume that means there was no fighting, it just means they spent a lot of time together and loved having one another around. He liked Lego's, video games, climbing trees (but not quite the same way that Brody did), getting know, all stuff little boys like.

As he got older, he shifted his likes a little. He is still all boy. Or I am required to call him man now? I am the big sister and this is my blog, so he is still boy to me. No matter how old he gets. He is insanely talented at playing the guitar. His dad is a musician, so it's in the genes. He plays every type of music that you can think of on the guitar, both acoustic and electric. I am not just saying he is talented because he is my brother either. He really is!

He learned to read very young and has always carried around a large vocabulary. His reading level was far beyond his grade level and he often got bored in school. I also think I recall a time he got in trouble in Kindergarten for correcting his teacher. I think perhaps he might have been a kid that would have benefited from homeschooling.

(This picture is just for kicks. It fits with nothing.)

When we were all little, we would finish our candy or snacks first (Brody and I) and The Viking would always share his. He didn't care about the fact that both of us had just eaten the exact same portion as what he'd received. He always shared everything and still does, at least as far as I know. Sadly I don't get to see him as much as I would like to.

For a couple of years when we were younger, right before Mom and Chalupa moved in together, we had chickens. The Viking loved the chickens. Truth be told I love them too and would really really like to have some. Unfortunately we cannot have them right now. Our HOA carries a steel whip. No joke, they are harsh. (That and the fact that we already have enough reasons that our neighbors hate our weeds.) Back to the point, this lucky Viking gets to have some chickens at his girlfriend's house. Her parents like to live amongst the bird. We have purchased some of their eggs in the past, which totally grossed Handsome out. He is eggist and thinks they should all be clean white eggs like you find at the grocery store. All the same size.

The Viking loves my kids, kids in general really. Curly took a couple years to warm up to him because she can be that way sometimes, but Smiles liked him right away. That's just how the two personalities vary anyway. She is a very shy little girl most of the time. It doesn't help that he has a scruffy little beard and long hair. Facial hair freaks my girl out big time! It was really neat a couple of months back when he and Curly jumped on the trampoline at my Mom's house. She was much more excited to see him that time.

So, don't let the appearance fool you. This boy might have long hair and tattoos. He might like you to think he is rough around the edges, but he really isn't. He is an affectionate and generous young man who wants you to have to get to know him before you get the benefit of his strong points.

Aren't you lucky! You got to meet him right here in the comfort of your own home!

I also wanted to mention, due to rather reality based posts recently, I promise to give you some laundry chronicles next week at some point. I have one waiting in the wings, you just have to wait and see what day. I figure that might lighten things up a bit.


Mom (Lisa) said...

We all laughed about the picture of him jumping with curly. It looks like he is flying away with her! I LOVE THE WINGS!

A little pixi dust and we're off to Never Never Land!!!

I also notice that he never let you get a face-on picture with his eyes open...always the mysterious one that Viking. Gotta love him!

virtualyvonne said...

Nothing wrong with well placed tattoos! Hmm, wonder what the Princess will think when she finds out Nana has two???

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Did you notice her looking at that one on his arm? She thought he "drawed" on himself. And that's not "propiate"...she has been in trouble with markers a couple of times =).

...that one did help with the name too. His tattoo is of a viking ship, that and the fact that he was really into sailing for a bit.

virtualyvonne said...

Grr… I HATE technology. I thought I logged in correctly, but apparently my ‘Nana’ login is gone. Honestly, I don’t have a blog I’m hiding from all of you – I signed up with Google. What the heck?! It is amazing that someone as computer illiterate as me managed to raise two hacker level sons!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

I so LOVE the picture of the Viking and Brody. It touched my heart. The mysterious Viking man is pretty cool in my book. He is a deep one. Thanks for sharing your family.

Mom (Lisa) said...

Actually I hate the idea of tatoos on my perfect beautiful son's perfect beautiful body. (sniff)

Under my jurisdiction they are not allowed. But on his eighteenth b-day he had to go get one.

The second one is the one you see Curly looking at. As art it is beautiful quality work...But God's work of The Vikings sculpted arm covered with anything but a sleeve is too much too much!

I do like his long hair, it's nicest just below his shoulders. Such a pretty color!

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I didnt realize this until now, but Viking actually dressed up for Brody's wedding! All we got was the tux printed t-shirt! :)

Crsytal said...

Every time I scroll past this post, I have the Veggie Tales song "We're Vikings" go through my head. Over, and over...and over.