Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet the Family: Neesh

Meet Neesh. She is the second daughter of my Dad and his second wife. She has the same mom and dad as She she.

Neesh is 20 years old and goes to school at BYU Idaho. She is an achiever, that's what she lives for. She is also very silly and particularly obsessive about being neat.

When Neesh was a little girl, she was the silliest thing I ever did meet. That girl would have me rolling in no time. She was just so random and unpredictable, it was crazy. She was crazy. Now that she has grown up a little and some of that has matured out of her, I find that I miss it. Why do children have to grow up anyway? Can't they just stay blissful and young forever?

I remember one time when we were all supposed to be going to sleep late at night. She and Brody were making up some tremendous story about a crazy king of some sort and a newspaper. It was the simplest, most stupid story you've ever heard, but they couldn't get more than one word out at a time because they were laughing so hard. I didn't even understand the story, but couldn't help but have a massive case of the giggles because of their laughter. Those two were extra funny when placed withing half a mile of one another.

When Dad and their mother divorced, I didn't get to see her as much for a long time. She she lived with Dad, but Neesh lived with her mom. There were quite a few years where I rarely saw her at all, and then "poof", she was all grown up. I missed all the in between years.

Neesh ran track in High School. I got to go to one or two of her meets and watch her run, she did very well. Her last season she was running on a leg that she shouldn't have been...I'm not sure how that all turned out, but I am pretty sure it was fractured. She is very driven and placed herself in the spotlight by being good at things in life. She was the sporty girl in the family and the only one that did all of school in public school (on Dad's side).

I don't get to talk to Neesh very often now either, but she seems to be doing well. She was home for a little while when she had a break from school and I saw her a few times, like at Curly's birthday party.

Apparently her new obsessions are Zac Effron and wanting to be a skater girl...but who knows, that's just life according to Facebook.


danisha said...

I NEED more time with you!

Mom (Lisa) said...

Wasn't Neesh the sister who made up words like "plaker" and there are a few others but they slip my mind at the moment. You and Brody came home from your dad's and they became part of our family too. Every now and then I use one of those made-up words and smile, cause only a few people on this planet get to even know where they came from. If Neesh didn't make them up then sorry for misplacing the credit.
Neesh is a beautiful young woman, as all your father's daughters are!