Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alive and Well

I just wanted to make sure you know that these two super cuties are still well and good. Playing and giggling all the day long.

And that I haven't put the camera down either. I just haven't had time to download pictures or blog, since during nap and bedtime is when I get any and all things related to adoption done. That takes more than a small chunk of time right now.

So, while the kids are playing I thought I would take a second to give you some unedited pictures (now you know what really comes out of my camera...) and let you know that, while Mommy might not be as fun as Dad with teeth made of Kix, we are still having fun over here.


Amelia said...

Cute pictures! The Kix still crack me up. :-)


P.S.I know what you mean about not having to worry about too warm of temperatures in the NW! I spent most of my life in Portland, and miss it sooo much...especially in the summer.

Vicky said...

They sure are adorable! I'm glad you posted pictures of them. I was starting to forget what they looked like ;)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

They are so cute. I became the scary grandma on the bus today - I pulled out the digital keychain and showed off the grandkids. I had to force myself to stop talking about them all. How could I help it, though? They are all so cute. I love them to pieces.