Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few Honest Words

I know I haven't been around a lot, but I wanted to share this post with you today.

This Mom is part of the Ukraine chat group that we have on Monday nights and she shared well some of the feelings that I have. I thought it would be simple to just send you there. I haven't known how I wanted to write it out because it comes out kind of...not pretty when I have tried.

We are nothing special. We are the ones who are blessed by the calling that the Lord has given us. We know there will be difficult times, but the ways we have been and will be blessed are far greater than those times. Do not view us as what we are not. We are not any stronger, braver, loving, or financially prepared than you or anyone else.

He spoke. We said yes.

That's the simple truth.

The quote that she put at the end of her post is one that has also been going through my head often since reading it. I figure it makes a good opportunity to also share with you a link to THIS BLOG. Katie is the kind of crazy that I hope to be. Truly, I hope that one day people look at my life and the first word that comes to mind is crazy. So fully submitted to my Lord that there is no explanation other than abiding in HIM. This young woman (20 I think) has left her life here for one far different than the one she probably imagined. I urge you to take a look at some of her past entries and support this ministry. The decision to do so was an easy one for our family and might be for yours as well. Not because of how special Katie is, but because we know that God is clearly seen there. It's about HIM, and that is visible.

(This post is a good one to give you a run down of the history...)


Mom said...

Sometimes we are called so clearly that we can't possibly not answer the call...I feel that is the way you are called. When we are called to be a parent, (through pregnancy and/or adoption) we don't let fear or the prospect of hard work keep us from our children...We certainly never think of ourselves as the heros to our children. We feel blessed by their being in our lives. You have the heart of a mother, and God is fulfilling a purpose in you.
This fills my life with joy as well, since I delight in your children! As I delight in you!

Vicky said...

Wonderfully written :) I'm glad you finally found a way to share what's been on your heart.

I also loved the quote from Katie. I had read the original post, but it didn't stick out to me then... but today, it means more to me than it did a week ago. All God is asking is that I take the first step. I don't have to have all the answers before I get out of the boat.