Saturday, August 29, 2009

Curly at the Beach

Okay Gramps, I finally got some pictures of my sister up here for you. Mom has just been on me about getting into everything (she knows I like to climb and found out that I can open the front door now, so she is watching me closely), so it's been hard to get them to you.

The only problem is that Curly doesn't like to let Mom take her picture anymore. Mom says something about abusing her privileges or something...

So, anyway, this is what most of them look like:

Here is one more nice one to close off for you.

Until next time,


Gramps said...

Yea Smiles !!!! Thanks for the pictures. You do a great job. You have to know that girls get silly sometimes and your sister does get it from your Mom. Keep up the good work and keep your Mom hopping. You can do it just by being a boy.

Good job.

Vicky said...

I think her silly pictures are rather cute (so long as she gives you a few sweet ones to work with as well). They help to show her unique, three-year-old personality.

Give her a hug for me, Smiles!!!

Grandma (Lisa) said...

At least Curly does her "not so sweet photos" on purpose...not when somebody snaps a candid shot when she is on a waterslide...if you know what I mean.