Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy Calls it Torture...But He Looks Like He is Having Fun

Sometimes Curly likes to play with necklaces.

Sometimes Curly likes to play with her brother.

Sometimes she likes to play with both.

Sometimes Smiles thinks its great fun!

(In my humble opinion you HAVE to click on that last picture and really look at that face! How adorable!)


Vicky said...

When I first started reading, I thought, "Wow, those are some old pictures of Curly. Look how young she is!" It took me a few pictures to realize it was Smiles. I think it was the way the headband made his curls flip out.

This isn't nearly as torturous as the pictures will be when you pull them out in another 10-15 years. :D

And his face in that last one is adorable!

Mom said...

Wow! I used to dress my little brother up too. I don't have any sisters and he substituted quite nicely. He just liked that I played with him at all, and happily went along with any game I chose.
Smiles makes a really cute "girl". Ironic that he is such a macho dude on the inside!

Gramps said...

It made my heart feel good to see pictures of the boy even if he looks like a certain girl. I like Vicky I had to look several times . Send more PICTURES!!!!!!!!