Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Things

First thing, go check out Ana's blog and see the wonderful donation that was made. I have never even met Steve at Kent Nursery in Orting. A friend of my little sister's (Aunt Artsy) has a father who is in the landscaping business. Somehow when they got talking about Ana's adoption, he donated 100 flower baskets- and they are big and beautiful. It was a very generous donation! He gave them all at no cost to us. Kudos to Steve! And if you live in the area and are planning on a purchase that involves plants and such, give Kent Nursery a try. They are good people =). You can even tell them you heard about them because of their generous donation. He wasn't seeking any recognition, and that's just the kind of guy I want to give credit to. So I will.

On with other news, Curly and Smiles have been relocated. Well, Curly has been that is. Smiles stayed in the same location, he just gets to have new roomies.

This decision comes for many reasons, but the reason for right now is this- Curly got a new bed. It is a big loft bed that is very BIG from Jami for a very reasonable price. The situation we had going was not going to work when Ana joins us, not to mention the possibility of a fourth child. We have a small three bedroom house and three to four children...well, the will easily fill it! And we are so cool with that. We just have to adjust.

So back to the point. I guess I am in the mood to ramble. Jami was coming over to help put the crazy thing together (which was very necessary I might add) and I didn't want to put it in Curly's old room for a short time just to have to move the monster to Smiles' bedroom shortly after. So...we turned our kids into bunk mates. From here on out, Curly's old room is the play room. The room Smiles was in is now the sleeping room.

It was just wasted space for that bedroom to only house Smiles and nothing else. There was so much wasted space there because he is a baby and it's farther from my eyes for them to play in. It will be much better to put the three of them into one room for sleeping and the toys in another. All the playing can be done where I can watch them. Once Ana is with us and adjusts (we will probably have her in our room for a little while), she will join the two other kids. It's good for kids to share rooms. That's my opinion about that. might wonder how it's going so far. Well, tonight is night two. Moving a three year old into a baby's room is a bit tricky. Especially when they go to bed as early as our two do. Smiles is a light sleeper. Should I start with that? Well, the first night was not so good. We let Smiles fall asleep before we brought Curly in. As we were sneaking her into the room, quite quietly I might add, Smiles woke up a bit. He looked over at us with rage in his eyes and became full blown p-i-s-s-e-d. He WAS NOT having it! No sister was moving into HIS room by golly!

I tried for a long time to calm him down, to calm her down, to make the excitement calm down. Nothing was going to make this okay with him. Nothing. He screamed and screamed until finally at around 9 pm, three hours after my children are normally asleep, Smiles drifted off due to sheer exhaustion. Curly soon followed. They woke at 3 am when she cried for me, I think partially just because she was in such a different place. I nursed him, and snuggled with her for a minute and they fell asleep again.

They were up slightly later than usual (30 min).

They napped extra long today.

Tonight was a little different, though not perfect by any means. We again let Smiles fall asleep before sneaking Curly in. This time he didn't wake. She laid down. I shut the door most of the way and was peeking in by just enough that she couldn't see me. She looked over to the door to make sure that she couldn't see me with her naughty peering face, then when she thought the coast was clear- she reached in the bars and touched him ever so lightly. I opened the door and she raced her head to the pillow.

A second later when she thought that I had left again, she climbed up to standing at the bar on his crib and started to whisper his name. This time he woke up. He wasn't as lively as the previous night, but she still got some giggles. (Last night did turn to intense giggles at one point. I forgot to mention that. Then back to screaming.)

They knew they were in trouble.

I went in and laid on the foot of Curly's bed with my feet near her head. (NO! My feet do not stink! What kind of rude question is that?!) She looked toward the wall as directed, Smiles put his head down in the crib. All was quiet.

Curly started to do something with her arms lightly, which is often how she falls asleep. I watched Smiles. He slowly lifted his head just a bit and made eye contact with his sister, both of them thinking that I had fallen asleep. A giant grin arose on his face and he smirked at her.

I sat up just a bit.

Both of them DARTED back to the sleeping position.

It was hilarious. Smiles knew he was supposed to be sleeping! I didn't quite expect him to understand that being under a year. I had to try not to smile after that.

After a short while Smiles started to fall asleep. I layed with Curly until she fell asleep too and they have been mostly fine since. We will see how the night goes.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Mom (Lisa) said...

Now you have them in the same room, they can secretly plot against you when you think they are sleeping.
This could have been the case when your brothers Brody and The Viking shared a room as youngsters...If The Viking could have stayed awake long enough for me to turn out the light! Hee Hee
As for the loft bed...I remember bathing two little boys in the wee hours of the night because the child on the top bunk got sick right on the poor unsuspecting sleeper below him. "Hey! Who poured water on my head?" Which they still laugh about to this day.
As the only daughter, I dreamed of having someone to share a room with and I agree that it is good for them.

Vicky said...

The story of last night was pretty funny. Smiles is smarter than we give him credit for. And I can't BELIEVE she woke him up on purpose after she thought you were gone. The lil' stinker!

I look forward to seeing how you've got it set up. It sounds awesome!!!

Jami Janelle said...

I hope each night its getting a little easier :) It was so fun spending time with you and the kids and Tom. Even with all of the crazy events that happened that day!

Laurel said...

Yes, it is good for kids to share rooms. We currently have 2 kids in 2 bedrooms, 3 kids in another bedroom, and 4 kids in another bedroom. It works.

When our oldest kids were all little, we lived in a small 3 bedroom house with 7 kids. I always told people I'd rather have lots of kids and a small house, than a fancy house with no kids.



Hi~I'm Alysha said...

..for our homestudy we had to have each of our little one's with their own bed. We now have 6 twin beds and you know what? My kids cram into two of them. Hey, they like each others company :) I figure they'll grow out of it when the time is right :)for now, they have great pow-wow's late at night which will make for great memories later in life :) AND..cause I love your blog, I have something for you on mine :)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

Cool stories, Miss Amberlyn. That is journal material for sure...or great blog material, I should say. What a good idea to have a sleeping room and a play room. Kudos to you and Tom. Hugs and kisses to all - love you guys.