Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Worn Out

I have to be honest. I am just plain worn out today. My kids have both been sick and Smiles is still very much looking like death. We had our second garage sale yesterday and today, which was not good for him as he didn't nap well. Little sleep = boy not getting better quickly. And can I just say- Smiles is known for being happier than your average child, apparently he is just more extreme than most. When he is feeling well, which is most of the time, he is a very pleasant child. When he is sick...he is grumpier than the typical child as well. He likes to make up for his normal easiness.

My emotions are running high due to lack of sleep and also just the hearts of people around us. While fund raising is a lot of work, it is still wonderful to get the support that we have.

I just don't like that they make me cry sometimes.

There are so many people that have donated either with items, finances, or both for our little Ana. I am an easily teared girl anyway (just ask anyone in my MOPS group- that's possibly what I am most known for there), so this just adds to the tearing up. Yesterday a man stopped with his truck and got out. He said, "Who's adopting?!" in a very commanding voice...I thought I was going to be in trouble! My Mom pointed to me and said, "She is." He then handed me a $20 bill and said that he had two kids in his truck that were adopted and they wouldn't have been able to do it without help. They were two very adorable children in the year and a half range that had been home for one year. I was just touched by his story. I am touched by many of the stories that I hear.

Another family that is blending two households came by today. They were so very generous with a financial donation and also a truck load of stuff. He said that he could bring about 10 more trucks as well if we would like them (we will have to figure out somewhere to put that...we might have to have a sale at our house as well).

A couple came by this morning a paid way more than the stuff they got was worth, took a flier to post at the local hospital where she works, and then brought a check for $60 by in the afternoon.

People have been so generous. God is faithful to provide.

With all of that, I am still feeling drained. Drained emotionally. Drained physically. Drained of patience. Just plain drained.

There is so much farther to go, but I also know that God will take us through it. We are greatly blessed through every move that He guides us in. This process is far from an exception! We have amazing family and friends. We have a great and very supportive church family. Our community is full of loving and generous people that also want to help. I know that God will use our call to bring Himself glory. That's what always happens when we listen to His voice. I am willing and excited to be given something so special as adding a child to our home. I couldn't ask for better direction from the Lord (and really, isn't He always asking us to do something that will fit us perfectly?)!

So, yes. I am a slacking blogger. I need sleep. And this post has been typed through watering eyes. You will have to forgive me for not keeping you better posted. Something's gotta give, and the blog is an area that has some flexibility.

And for those that are wondering, our totals for the two g-sales together equals $1556.30. So far we have raised $6,481.30! Thank you Lord for your provision. We are grateful for all that you have provided so far., it's off to bed with me.


Laurel said...

Great to read how God is BLESSING you! Wow!

Look forward to chatting soon.


Vicky said...

You're over a quarter of the way to your final goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing to hear the stories from today. Makes me sad I missed it.

Sorry you're overwhelmed. If there's anything I can do to ease that, you know to ask :) Looking forward to hanging out with the kids tomorrow, even if Smiles is Mr. Cranky-Pants.

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Well, I get the feeling that we are very much alike as I read your blog! lol I am definitely a tearful one! Happy or sad I cry! So, I can completely relate to how you are feeling. Living on the brink of your emotions can wear you out!

But we are praying for you and WOW! I'm so impressed at how much you've raised already! Praise the Lord!

Hopefully everyone will be better soon and you can get some rest!


Mom (Lisa) said...

Rhonda called today to tell me that all her daycare parents are gathering baby furniture and clothing to give to Ana's garage sale. For your readers, Rhonda is a family friend who lives in the neighborhood. She runs a daycare and when I ran a daycare too, we did a lot of activities together. (Picture twenty children on a decomissioned school bus going to the beach for the day with two crazy kid-lovin' moms and a load of towels, coolers and bottles and bottles of sunscreen. Fun times!) All her "parents" have taken to the idea of helping get Ana home.
This is exciting and there are other things in the works too and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Who ever is praying...It is working!!!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

Lisa is right; prayer always works. With so many people combining their faith to bring Ana home, I'm already planning a blanket for her. I look forward to meeting the little lady. Love you guys.