Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Step Away From the Nutella!

I do tend to have this obsession with Nutella from time to time. Or all the time. Handsome knows that my Nutella is by the jar, just for me. I use my finger. I double dip. I'm not too proud to admit it, it's sort of like being an addict except without the support groups to help you stop. Costco does sell them in sets of two jars, so we are good there. If he wants to share a jar with Curly and myself then that's fine, but the first jar is MINE!

Oh...and I am civilized enough to use a spoon from time to time. Just not most of the time.

So, "funny" thing happened the other weekend. Chalupa and my Mom were here building us a fence for our yard and I was outside with Chalupa. I hear my Mom call from inside asking me why I had this in my cupboard:

Yes, that's right. Handsome is a witty fellow. Ha. Ha. Ha. (That is me NOT laughing.)

He put a life size printed bottle of Nutella in the cupboard and left it here for me to find.

I call him to find out where the heck my Nutella is. While he is at work. (And let's be honest, I was laughing a little.)

Me: "Where did you put my Nutella?"

Handsome: "What?" holding back snickering of course. He is bad at lying to me.


Handsome: "Oh, that Nutella?"

Me: "YES. THAT Nutella.", as if there are thousands of jars of Nutella lying around our house.

Handsome: "I ate it all."

Me: "You couldn't have eaten it all. The jar was 3/4 full. Where is it?!", laughing but still wanting to know where it is, like NOW.

Handsome: "I did eat it. I ate it on toast and then eggs. Then I brushed my teeth with it and BATHED in it.", now totally making fun of me and laughing at my expense.

He then gives me this awful hint that is something to do with cows that is supposed to lead me to the crockpot in the pantry! What?! Where would I get crockpot out of "where the cows used to go"?

He was apparently going for the fact that I cook roast in there. Ummm....yeah. Step AWAY from the Nutella buddy, and nobody gets hurt!

Don't worry. See, I found it and it's now safe with me.


Mom (Lisa) said...

Tell handsome that if a cow is dead it is then beef. He probably knows this and was trying to be cryptic.
Maybe I should keep a jar of Nutella around my house just for you. I felt bad eating it in front of you the otherday, whilst double/dipping with a spoon...which your little sis. has no problem with. It is disgusting how low we stoop to keep the boys out of our Nutella. It's heavenly virtues are wasted on them anyway;)

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard...again. Thanks for reminding me about this "incident". I assure you, I wont get in the way of your Nutella again. ;)

Lyndi said...

I am laughing so hard right now. You will love it when you get to E.E., they have nutella, but no peanut butter. Enjoy!!!!

Laurel said...

Too funny!

I haven't tried Nutella yet ... think I need to put it on my shopping list.

In Ghana ... it's not Peanut Butter ... it's Ground Nut Butter ... Yummm....


MamaPoRuski said...

How funny! My hubby loves Nutella better than PB. Which is good because we could get Nutella in Ukraine. Can't wait to hear about your travel dates! God Bless!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

We are a Nutella loving family too! I got introduced to it while growing up in West Africa- it's wonderful on fresh french bread, waffles, spread on shortbread cookies, dip pretzel sticks in it, etc etc etc:)

Gramp's said...

I don't want you to give me a bad time about teaching Curley the fine art of licking the peanut butter knife anymore. Just wait to see what I teach her next time she comes to Gramp's house. ha ha ha thats me laughing.

Vicky said...

So, I read this while babysitting, and then I went into the kitchen to get some dinner. And I saw the nutella in the cupboard. And I was a wee bit tempted to move it just to mess with you. But then I decided that I liked coming to your house, and you might not let me back if I messed with your Nutella right after you clearly stated that it was not to be touched :)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

Nutella is delish! I ate it in France many a time. Whaen April was little I had to introduce it into her diet once I found it here. It's nummy.

Crystal said...

Have you tried apple nutella sandwiches? Super yum!

Take a loaf of focaccia and split in half (so ther are two rounds). Spread with butter and bake/broil until just brown on the edges. Spread one side (or both!) with nutella, place thinly slice apples on one side and top with the other. Cut and enjoy! It is a bit messy as the apples tend to want to squish out as you eat, but it's definitely worth the effort. :)