Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prayers from Curly

Curly: Mama, pray for me.

ME: Sure honey, what do you need me to pray for?

Curly: For me to eat GRAPES!

That girl never ceases to make me laugh. We prayed for her and added a word for grapes at the end.


Raising Olives said...

I love, love, love listening to how kids think!

Also, Savannah, our four year old, looked at this picture and says that she knows Curly, she just can't remember her name. :)


Vicky said...

What a goofball :)

Did she get those grapes she wanted?

Mom said...

I got a laugh from my Curly girl this morning! How I love her!

I am going to the store right now to get grapes for her and smiles to eat when they come over this afternoon...Shhh it will be a suprise!