Monday, June 1, 2009

Gentle Breeze

My life is a whisp. My life is short in the eyes of God...oh so short.

I have been thinking on this for a couple of months now, about how short my life really is compared with eternity. My mind is filled with an image of a breeze blowing by- so quickly it passes. I think of how a quick rush of air is something that lasts for a short time and isn't something you really remember much when it's gone. Once it's passed, the memory is gone with it.

Then I thought of the places where God talks about our smell...the scents that are spoken in association with His people. Sometimes it speaks of these smells being good. Sometimes it's not so great. I can with certainty say that I do NOT want to be a stench to anyone, especially to God.

All of these things contemplated over time have produced a desire for my life. I want to be a gentle breeze that blows through with a fresh scent carried in it's sweet movement. My desire is that it would be as if the Lord were strolling through a path in the trees and a short breeze blows by. For just a short few seconds He stops in His path and feels the gentleness of this sweet wind, smells the pleasing scent that it carries. As He breathes it in and then outward again, momentum is gained by His breath and this whisp finishes with the force of His majestic exhale. A just for that moment my hope is that it would bring Him pleasure. My life- the whisp.


Vicky said...

Well, I think you smell like clean laundry :)

Seriously though, I really liked this post. I just read in a book something about how when we pray, we often only see things from this side of eternity. Our focus is on the here and now, whereas God's focus is on eternity as a whole. That, coupled with this post about being a breeze, has given me something to ponder...

Mom said...

I know I am not the only one who thinks you are a breath of fresh air. Not counting that first breath of the morning, of course.

Melissa said...

This is beautiful! And definitely something to think about.