Friday, July 2, 2010

Tuesdays With Morrie Daddy- Mt. Rainier Edition

We had our family outing again this Tuesday.  For the first time since we got married, we went to our local beautiful mountain.  Mt. Rainer is very beautiful and we see it all the time driving around town, but we haven't made the trip to visit since we were both young.  We figured it was about time!  So, we bought an annual pass so that we can be sure to go more often this year (annual pass is the price of two entries, so if we go twice then it's paid for already).
Our fantastic four on the way up.  Poor Smiles taught us that he does not hold food well on winding roads =(.  Blueberry bagel luckily doesn't smell so bad when it comes back up.
I love the faces that Gumby gave me that day.  She is my easiest to photograph currently.  She doesn't turn away as much and isn't as fast as the other two.  I must stalk them like prey!
He needs a hair trim again, but MAN do I think that boy is Cuh-Yoot!
You could tell that the deer were in a protected park.  My children are not very quiet, but they didn't mind at all.  We got very up close with the loud crew and this deer just kept eating his lunch.
Curly saying, "Deer...Deer..."
I love this photo of the three of them!
We did NOT cross the river.  HA!  Handsome went over the bridge, but it was far too unsafe for the kids when we didn't have enough adults to help them across.
And Baby was of course a good sleeper.  I sure do love my Moby, and so does this little miss.
 A fun time was had by all.  I was very proud of Gumby for attacking the hiking so well.  She walked all by herself the whole way.  As  you may notice in her photos, she was very out of her comfort zone.  She has her tongue out when she is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with a place or situation and surely enough, the tongue was out very often.  But she faced it anyway, and didn't have many issues.  She did let us know that big stumps that are sticking up out of the ground count as VERY scary to her though.  (We had a freak out moment walking by some in the woods.)  Curly enjoyed her hike and Smiles had no issues, they didn't have to work as hard as Gumby.

Perhaps we will see you next week with another edition of Tuesdays with Daddy.  It all depends on if I have time to take photos and share them with you.


Jenilee said...

gorgeous post. you have a beautiful family!! Annalise is my nervous one and I can always tell when she feels out of her comfort zone. But, lately, she has been on an "I'm Brave!!" kick. Everything she does she says, "See!! I was brave!" It is fun to know your children so well and pick up on all of those things about them. hope you are doing well!

Karen J said...

If you can see Mt Rainier every day (well when she is "out") then you live by me. It is fun to know that fellow adopters are out there close by!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Looks like a very fun day! I love the pic with the 3 kids walking on the path through the trees ... heading off on an adventure, to be sure.

Glad you are getting out and about as a mommy of 4.

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

Laurel :)