Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey guys!  Curly here.  Grab your pail and shovel, 'cause I'm taking you to the beach!

Gumby has never been to the ocean before.  Last week we took her to the Mountain for the first time...this week I thought the ocean would be fun.  I let Mom and Dad come too.

I'm pretty sure she liked it.

We even got natural pedicures.  Mom says those are the best kind!

Smiles likes crabs just like Daddy.

Baby isn't old enough to play in the sand though.  Just us BIG kids.  And I'M the biggest.

Daddy and Smiles played out in the waves for a LONG time.  I was waiting to show Daddy my "chocolate mocha stir"!

Gumby gets really excited sometimes when she has never seen something.  She liked the waves a LOT.

Mom said she wishes Gumby didn't like sand in her mouth so much though.  AND she rubbed it in her eyes like Smiles.  I told them that wasn't very smart.

Mom and Baby liked sitting in the sand dunes.  It was really funny when Mom tried to walk back to the beach though!  She kept saying "Ouch! Ouch!" 'cause the sand was so hot.  (Well, Mom didn't think it was so funny, but Dad sure did.)

And that's our family day at the beach!


Jenilee said...

once again, these pictures are gorgeous! I want to go there too! and my girls would just love it!!! now, I have to ask... is it cold? I'm just wondering about gumby's jeans and your husbands tennis shoes in the water?? lol were you planning a beach stop? you look adorable and love the sweet picture of you walking down the beach with your babies. :)

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Well Jen, yes it is cold"ish" at our beaches. It was in the 70's this day and with the heavy wind it was a little chilly for the kids. The shoes though...that's just my husband forgetting his beach shoes. He is in charge of him and I get the rest of us packed. I even reminded him about shoes this time =).

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Love all the pics ... especially the one with Gumby sitting in the wet sand (with her reflection). I, also, noticed hubby's tennis shoes. Funny! I packed ALL the kids for a week at camp on year ... and sweet hubby forgot to put his clothes in the van. Too funny! No. I am not in charge of packing for the hubby.


Gramps said...

Thanks again for the pictures. Sure would like to have been there. Reminds me of when you were little.

Mom said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.