Monday, January 11, 2010

Unsolicited Rant and the Healing Powers of Nutella

There are many thoughts in my head, but not much time to blog and also I haven't been sure of which things I even want to share.

Do you ever feel guilty about how blessed you are? Do you ever wonder why the Lord is giving you such an easy time when others struggle a lot through the same things? Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.

Do you ever feel like you don't want to share something because you don't want unsolicited advice? Like if you even mention a less than perfect moment that you are dealing with just fine that it will open up a string of advice being thrown at you that you didn't want or really need?

Like I said, there have been many thoughts in my head and I just am not sure what to share. Not because things are private, but because we have had a pretty easy time with our adjustment so far and are handling the difficult parts just fine and I get a little grumpy when I get too much advice that I don't feel like I need or want. And that sounds just terrible of me because it is good to be open to advice...and I am, but ...well...

If you have kids, do you remember what it feels like when you have a new baby and everyone throws information at you all the time about what you should be doing EVEN when you are not having any issues at all? And you get so much of that from random people that it builds up and something that wasn't intended as anything but helpful becomes overwhelming and you kind of want to fly off the handle at the next person to tell you something that has anything to do with a baby? And often it's even people who haven't had children at all or haven't had them in a LONG time? (Not that I don't think grandmas know what they are talking about...just sometimes things change and doctors tell you different information than they used to. Like that it's NOT a good idea to slip a little alcohol in the bottle to get 'em to sleep better...yep, like that =D.)

So, because I am pregnant and might be a little extra hormonal, lets agree to something. Okay?

I will share more about what life is like right now. I'll give you some of the updates on how things are going because that's the job of blog writer.

Your end? Well, I ask that if I share something and you have that urge to tell me a great way to deal with it, consider a couple things first.

-Did I ask for suggestions? Because I am not against suggestions if we are not sure what to do and have tried a few things that haven't worked. I very well may ask for input sometimes and I LIKE to get new ideas if I am having a tough time figuring something out. It's just that I DO have a little experience with children, even before having my own I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and a Mama with lots of her own (after having a brood with yours truly bringing up the front).

-If I didn't ask for suggestions, have you been through this situation and come out with something that worked really well for you? Even if I don't ask, there are times that someone who has been through a situation before me will know a good answer because they have been there. Experience with the specific situation is okay to share =). It's more when there is no experience with what we are dealing with that gets annoying. I can come up with lots of the same ideas that someone else can when I haven't dealt with it (and possibly have). Now that I type that, that's my biggest issue with the whole thing. I get 30 suggestions (YES that's an exaggeration) to do things that I have already tried thankyouverymuch.

Okay. Well, now that I sound like a big grumpy guss, I do think that it's time for someone to get their growing belly up off the couch (or bed as the case may be) and take this big, kicking babay belluh over to the kitchen and have a straight shot of Nutella. And maybe, just maybe you will get a much happier post next time because I will be on the Nutella high that happened just after I realized what a stinker I was being. BUT we will also have prevented a lash out that could have happened at one of my poor unsuspecting friends, or readers that I don't even know, who just wanted to help me out.

Buh-bye now. I'll crawl out of my lair a little later. Don't judge the chocolate hazelnut smears on my face and the finger marks in my jar... You've been infromed that it's my personal jar and it's your problem if that makes you grossed out. On second thought, I just might add some banana...


Laurel said...

so ... I've never had Nutella. but .. tonight I think I could eat a whole jar, with a whole banana, too.

but ... i just ate a banana split ... and it didn't make me feel better.

now ... not only am I STRUGGLING with too much TOUGH stuff ... but I'm going to bed with a belly ache.

no advice from me tonight ... I don't even have any good advice for myself.

:) :) :)

Jenilee said...

Oh honey, ENJOY that Nutella!!! yum!

Christy said...

If those feelings make you grumpy then I join you in being grumpy too! I have found myself withdrawing from sharing with others because I only needed to vent to someone safe to feel a little better, but instead find myself receiving pointers from people that have never come close to walking in these shoes. Even worse.... when the advise comes with a hint of judgement. So... instead of being helpful, they have now taken away the safety of venting! :) Maybe we should call each other to vent! I'll have to pick up a jar of Nutella... maybe it will get me out of the kids potty treat stash!

Rachel said...

why dont you try doing it like this... just kidding =) been there done that.... parenting is just a long string of trial and error!

Mom said...

Sorry for your harmone troubles honey...I KNOW you feel comfortable enough to tell me to "zip it" when you don't want my advice.
You KNOW I feel comfortable hearing "zip it" if I am being too "helpful".
Are you fully stocked with Nutella? I can bring you another Jar...

Melissa said...

MMmmm, Banana and Nutella!! I really need to go buy bananas.... I keep nutella in the cabinet ever since those chat nights :)

Stefanie said...

I'm a little behind on blog reading, but.......hee hee, I like this post!!