Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some News

I have a couple of things to share tonight. Please let me also remind you to see the post below. Please be in prayer for a family to step forward for Dennis right away. His situation doesn't look great, but it is not too big for God.

First news, you all remember Tonya who lived with Ana in Ukraine. You remember how we were looking for a family for her and you all helped so much by donating to her fund. Well, you may also recall that she has a family now that is working on going to get her, hopefully this spring! I wanted to share with you that they have a blog now so that you can follow their journey to bring Tonya home and get to know them a little bit. I have had quite a bit of e-mail contact with Tonya's new Mommy and I'm so excited for both Tonya and her family. What a blessing it will be for all of them.

Click here to visit their blog.

Second news is about the little one that's still cookin'. We had our ultrasound appointment today and all seems to look good. Our results won't be back for us until tomorrow, but we didn't stop on any organs for an extended time period or anything, so hopefully that means we are good to go.

I thought it would be fun to wait until the moment of birth to find out whether or not would be adding to the girls or the boys, but Handsome wanted to know we went with his vote because it's not something I care about all that much. I suppose that you might want to know what our family is going to look like...=D

We are having another.......


I was thinking that would probably be the case, since I felt from the start that God was telling us that we would were adding two little girls to our family. If it had been a boy my surprise wouldn't have been great of course, because I AM human and all, and I DO hear wrong sometimes. But the news of a girl was also no surprise to us and we are happy to add either to our family. God knows who we need and when we need them far better than we could, so we are pleased to sit back and watch Him work.

That's all the news for tonight. Soon I will try to get those stripes to you =).


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Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Ok, Congratulations! I love your blog! What about 'Precious' for Ana? She just IS so precious after all! Just a thought. I'll probably have ten more ideas come to me but um.... just ignore me lol!

Thank you for posting about Dennis!

Amelia said...

Congratulations! As you know, I love baby girls. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amber for the post! We are so happy for you guys too. God bless all of you!

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Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

I remember us talking about this the first time we met at the coffee shop. And I think we joked and said, "well we KNOW you are having another girl" because God had placed in your heart your 2 girls :)
Congratulations! 3 girls in the family is wonderful!

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