Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jedi Training Camp

While I work on my painting stripes post, which I have not forgotten, I'll share a bit of what life is like when Daddy is in charge. Photos all taken while Mom was not around...by Handsome. He is a Star Wars fan, so we have light sabers for all the kids. Don't go too far with your imagination though. While he likes the movies and books, he isn't the all out Star Wars crazy. He only has light sabers for the kids because he works at Target and has found them on sale. No costumes to the movies or anything like that =).

Daddy's Jedi Training Camp

The Big "Sis" fights a raging battle against Ana Won. Being her first battle, Ana Won fares well. She has spunk and determination, but the Sis is a feisty warrior that brings all she has got to battle. Will Ana Won defeat the Sis?

She is caught in a corner with no way to escape. Things are looking mighty grim for Ana Won!

She escapes with her maneuverability skills. Ana Won has rubber joints you know. (She does of course =)...I'm thinking about Gumby for a blog name as long as no one has issues with that.) From the look on the Sis' face, I do wonder if she let her go for the fun of chasing her...

Ana Won is tracking the Sis with Smiles at her side, ready to team up. Notice that Smiles has little faith in their team. He carries a doctor bag instead of his light saber. Don't loose hope yet Smiles! Ana Won has faith in you, and so does Mommy!

Ana Won has found signs of her, Smiles isn't sure. He might have little faith in their victory because he has seen THIS:

The Sis is ready for battle, waiting for them to step into her trap!

You can see where Smiles would be filled with fear! Run Ana Won, run!

Ana Won is up for the task of fighting the Sis. Fearlessness...or lack of experience? I cannot be sure.

But wait! It just so happens that Smiles has a secret. He is non other than...

Dun, Dun, Dun......

And Smiles sneaks in to save the day. Tune in next time as we watch the battle of Ana Won and Darth Smiles against The Sis. It's sure to be a great battle.


Anonymous said...

This is great! Thank you for the laugh. :)

Vicky said...

This post is hilarious! My random comments:

*Curly's hairdo looks rather Princess Leia-ish.

*I thought it was funny that in the last post you made the comment that your kids don't always wear PJs, and then you posted pics of them in "street" clothes :)

*Their facial expressions are awesome. You have the goofiest kids!

virtualyvonne said...

Jedi training camp ROCKS! And Ana's participation speaks volumes. She doesn’t appear scared or threatened. She’s playing w/ her siblings. I've said this since Christmas day - if a stranger viewed this family they would not be able to pick out the newest addition.

Laurel said...


Love the facial expressions!

Vicky says these are "street clothes" ... but I'm hoping that Curly doesn't go out with just her tights on.

Love Gumby as a blog name. No issues here.


Mom said...

The Sis is truely a feirsome thing to behold!
I love Ana Won's strategy as she got cornered....Disarm with a huge smile...then run!
Darth Smiles is so cute!
I'm dabbing tears from laughing so hard! Pa Pa read your blog first today and called me to tell me to check it out. FUNNY!

mom2speak said...

I love StarWars, too. This was a great version, maybe better than any I have seen. More humor, though!

momtofourgirls.Kari said...

Love the story! All your kids are so cute and have such beautiful smiles. As a mom with a young daughter with ds I have to say that "Gumby" is a PERFECT name for her. I love it! The low tone and loose joints make for a lot of gumby moments!

Justina said...

Hi... I would love to chat with you. My family and I are considering adopting through Reece's Rainbow. We already have a son with DS (13 months) and two older children(6 & 4). Would love to hear about the process from someone that went through it. Thank you in advance for your time.


Reynolds Unwrapped said...

Gumby is perfect! Love the pics!

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Proof that I am an amazing Dad and that Curly has awesome Jedi dance skills! We will work on the lightsaber skills more next month though...they could all use some more training. ;)