Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's Up Here?

Oh, you know, just Pajama time with some silliness on the side.

(3 kids are hard to get a good photo of right before bed.)

...and even silliness when we aren't getting ready for bed too.

Nobody ever claimed we were a normal family. (This is his "getting through the bars" face.)

Curly with dressed up with her light saber. It was special for her auntie.

...don't ask.

And Ana...well, she still just thinks we are all crazy =D.


Laurel said...

Yea! ADORABLE pictures!!!

We're not "normal" either.

The Crazy D. Family :)

Vicky said...

Well, it's better she realize right away that you guys are crazy. No use hiding the truth from her :)

I just noticed that in the pic of all 3, it looks like Ana is trying to mimic the way Curly is sitting. They are all so cute!

I love the last 2 pics of Ana (I hadn't seen those yet).

Jenilee said...

super cute! I love seeing them all together. I think about you and pray for you often! little ana looks like she is doing so well... yeah! :)

mom2speak said...

Ana is just the cutest! Glad the family is together and enjoying it!

Jodi said...

Awe... so nice to see pics of the family, Ana fits right in. Adorable!


Mom of 7 said...

I love these pictures! The kids are so adorable and look like they are having so much fun. I think "normal" is boring!


Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

SO glad to see these! She is beautiful and they just all are so precious!

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

What a story, but look at Ana in her new LIFE!

Rosalie or Mathew said...

Beautiful photos of your children. Thank you for sharing and we're so happy and thankful that Ana has such a loving family. She looks great !

MoonDog said...

your kids are EXTREMELY photogenic! absolutely gorgeous, all three of them!