Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Non-born

Non-born being adopted of course. My second little girl. This little one has also taught me more than I imagined that she could. Truly placed in our family by the hand of God, she was meant to be right where she is.

Gumby has given me new understanding of my relationship with the Lord. A new appreciation for the love and patience He has for us when we are adopted into His family. I wish I had patience like that, though I know that I can't because I am not God. Oh how amazing it is that He loves us fully from the moment we are adopted. And He knows who we are.

There are levels of understanding this that I can't even explain. Just thoughts that come to my mind here and there. Thoughts of how I understand God's love just a little bit more.

Gumby is so free. She is herself and is not hindered by much. She watches the other children and tries to play like them, hanging on every move that Curly makes some days. Even the things I would have her NOT pay attention to. But it's not to fit in. The social desires seem different. It's not because she wants to be accepted, because she knows she is accepted. It's more that she admires and mimics just out of desire to be like those that she admires.

It's so easy to get a smile out of my second girl. She loves to be girly and knows that the camera means bring out the smile.

And her favorite thing? Babies! She loves dolls. Most often you will find my little Gumby with a doll in her hand. She is made for Smiles will tell you she practices on him all the time. I'm sure she will be a great big sister to our #4.

...right after she learns how to be a little more gentle. She and Smiles will get to work on that a little.

Oh, and did I mention that she isn't just a one baby kind of girl? She often has six or so all around her. I guess she is preparing to go back to her roots when she gets older. Maybe she will serve children in an orphanage somewhere =).

Okay...or maybe not. We will just let Gumby and God determine what her life entails. No matter how she keeps her arms full of God's children.

I told you she watches. She wants to be like the ones she loves. Here she watches Curly and learns how to pose for Mommy when the camera is out.

Silly faces are perhaps not so much her thing all the time =). Gumby is quiet sometimes too. She sits and watches, or will focus on something she is trying to learn.

(Of course, this means with a baby doll in hand.)

Silly faces aren't always out of the question though. She makes this one all the time. She thinks it's funny to make a surprised face when you aren't really surprised...does it all the time and follows up with a giggle.

We love having you in our family Gumby, and we are excited to watch you grow. I'm glad that you were our child of God's promise. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Jenilee said...

Oh, I love her!! Her precious face is just too cute. I bet she is something to watch with all of those babies! Good for her! I love her learning face too... I bet she has so many new things to learn!

MoonDog said...

she is so darn cute!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

She is just adorable. Her smile is definitely a sign that she's in the warmest and happiest family she could possibly have.

You all have such a beautiful family!

heatherbrown said...

Absolutely gorgeous. How sweet the way she cares for her babies. :)

Mom said...

I am hankering to scoop her up and kiss her right now! She is the cutest pun'kin!

Rosalie or Mathew said...

I was just looking at Anastasia's pictures here and both my adopted girls from Haiti saw the pictures and said . . .Whitney . . .Whitney ! It really is unbelievable how much they look alike and same birth month too ! We have to meet one day. Thank you for sharing the photos.