Monday, March 15, 2010

Gumby Here...

Do you want to know something? This family has....(sneaks closer to wispser in your ear)...chores!

Don't tell mom that I told you. Do you know what those are? Well, let me tell you all about them.

Mom says that she thinks all members of a family should help out with the things that need to get done, even when they are little. She said that it's best to start learning to help out when you are little...I've never heard such things.

Smiles and I are in charge of picking up our toys, and helping with laundry. This is the laundry cleaning machine. I like to do the buttons best!

Here's me with my brother and sister pulling dry clothes out of this thingy and into the basket. When we get to the end, Curly has to do it. She has really long arms. Almost like an adult!

We all help carry clothes from the laundry sorter to be put in the cleaning machine.

Curly is really good at it because she has had lots of practice.

I can carry a LOT just like my big sister. (Do you see me wearing her boots? I'm going to be just like her when I get bigger.)

Sometimes Smiles gets in the way and I have to wait for him to move. Mom says we have to be patient with him while he is learning too. He is little, so he doesn't understand the rules as well and me and Curly yet.

I show him how though. This is my strong face.

Smiles pushes the clothes into the back for us. Mom thinks he is trying to get as close to climbing in as he can. She might be right.

Curly has other chores. She folds the washcloths, and sorts laundry into piles. She makes a pile for each person in the family. Then Mom folds the clothes and puts them away. Sometimes Curly likes to help with that too, but she doesn't have to.

Curly's last job is feeding the animals. She fills the cat's food...Daddy does the water.

Smiles can't wait until he can feed the animals! But Mom says he likes to eat their food too much just yet and he has to wait. He just helps Curly by picking up what she doesn't get in the dish. Mom doesn't seem to like when he helps with that though...

Anyway, I've never heard of such a thing! What kind of chores do your kids do when they are little?


Jenilee said...

Dear Gumby - my girls do some chores too! They help with laundry, set the table, clear their plates and pick up their toys! You are doing a good job helping your mom! I know she appreciates you!!!

- Mommy's friend, Jenilee

Cilla said...

Aww! So cute! Your children are all so gorgeous... and as for 'Gumby' narrating this.. cool idea!

Cilla said...

as for what my children do.. well... they are experts on making messes. Sam who is 4 likes to help lay the table, Caitie who is 2 will pass me the pegs when I hang the washing out. But.. I really should train them to do more.

MoonDog said...

Ben and Ethan have about 4 tshirts exactly like smiles!!! your kids are adorable. thats great that they help with laundry. Maybe I better start training mine up. I am sick of laundry!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Very cute post! :)

Dear Gumby (and Curly and Smiles),

I have been training my children to do chores for almost 25 years. (The 25 year old didn't really start right when he was born, though.)

When my kids were little, like you are, they ...

... sort socks (with 14 people in the family, we have LOTS of socks)

... fold the towels

... clear the non-breakables off the table

... load the non-breakables into the dishwasher

... pick up their toys

... start to learn how to make their beds (pull the comforter up over the sheets)

... pull the dandilions in the yard

By the time they are 6 ...

... they are washing the dishes (except for the heavy breakable things).

... cleaning their bedrooms

... using the vacuum

... making PB & J sandwiches for lunch

By the time they are 12 ...

... they are doing their own laundry

... making a full dinner for 15 people

... mowing the lawn

Yes, Gumby, it is a GOOD thing that your mommy is teaching you to do chores. You will be able to grow up to be a very smart and independent young lady because of all that your mommy is teaching you.

And, Gumby, we can't WAIT to meet you. You need to tell your mommy that your family needs to take a trip out to our little island so that you can meet all of our kids.

Mama D and her gang :)

Vicky said...

Love it!

I seriously thought watching your three kids do the laundry a while back was the most adorable thing. They all love getting to help so much!

Thanks for posting this. It totally made me day :)

Mom said...

I love the B&W shot showing Curly balancing on one foot(in the clean laundry basket) and one hand on the dryer door, with one foot in the air to reach the back of the dryer. Too Cute!