Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I don't know exactly what I am saying, but I know it needs to come out. I have to share it NOW.

I know my Lord woke me tonight in the way He does when it's something of importance. But this time was a little different. I found no peace as I went through the "routine" of praying for what came to mind. Utter nerves and unease overcame still. So, I said to Him- I give up on the normal. Lord, pray what needs to be prayed.

And so I lay there in my bed. My heart finally at peace, knowing that He was speaking on behalf of me- who was found wordless. And then...then I was given words. Beckon His people to rise up from their sleep in this land and to call on the name of their Lord. Pray for us, friends. Pray for your fellow believers in this country. Pray that we would all rise up and listen to the promptings of His Holiness. Pray for us, that we would wake up and speak the truth boldly.

And then I felt unworthy. As if I am not worthy to bare this word. As if there is more than I know at stake, and I don't know what to do with it.

And I lay in bed wondering if I really wanted to get up this time and speak the words I was given because they make sense, but then they don't. Why does this feel SO important RIGHT NOW, Lord? I didn't get up for a minute. I tried to push away, like I always want to do. I tried to tell Him that I would do it in the morning, but He said no. Do it now. The feelings and words are fresh, so I will speak now.

What does this mean? I don't know. Just pray. The instruction isn't for the rising up though, so we don't have to know at this moment. The instruction is to PRAY that HIS PEOPLE would wake, rise, and be bold.

I wish that I could better stress to you how important I feel that this praying is. So, I pray right now that whatever of this word is from the Lord, that His Spirit would confirm that in you, who bare His Name. That He would speak of the importance to your heart and would give you words to pray like you have never prayed in your life.

And I pray that He would give you understanding of the importance and allow you to feel the unworthiness of the words to come off of your lips as you implore Him to overcome this people and wake our country's sleeping believers. Not because I want you to feel like dirt, because that's not what I am meaning. It's a level of reverence that I've actually never really felt before now (but have prayed that I would feel). And because when we feel that sense of reverence for Him, it helps with really understanding how blessed I am just to have the gift of calling on His name.

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Cilla said...

Praying with you.