Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Want to See Ana

I need to show you all some photos of Ana on this blog! Just so you know, whoever said that you need to bring forty books and three hundred things to do was NOT having the same experience that I am. I have not cracked a book. We get up, have breakfast and get ready, then check our e-mail and online things. We leave to go and visit Ana. We come home for the middle of the day, which is my favorite part of the day. This time includes lunch, any outside stuff we are going to do, like going to the market, blogging, facebook, and things of that nature. Then we leave to go visit Ana for our second visit of the day. That visit is a little long since we are mostly in a room with her for two hours. We all get a little bit bored since we have a very limited amount of things to do. After that, we come home and make dinner, Skype with our kids if it chooses to work that day, and then often fall asleep right after that. It's a long day.

But anyway, I'm sure you would like to see little miss Ana.

That's our little cutie. She loves her Daddy. Mommy is okay, and if she is upset and wants a snuggle Mommy works well. Mostly it's all about Dad though, which is quite like the kids at home. If they want to play, Daddy is the man. If they want comfort or snuggles, then they come to Mom.

I also wanted to update on the Tonya front. Tonya's funds are up quite a bit. She has a little over $4,000 in her angel tree fund and $2200 in her regular fund. Her total right now is $6, 225! You guys are awesome! We have Tonya well on her way to her family and I think we will get her there soon. Thank you to those of you that have contributed to her fund, and thank you also to those that are praying for her. Your prayers are the best way to get her home to the family that God has for her. I will update all of you as soon as I know a family has committed to her and give you any information that I can about that family. Once one of these children makes it into your heart, you have a special attachment even if you can't bring them home. I know this because of all of the families that have contacted me through our process and shared with us all the praying and fund raising they have done for Anastasia. It has blessed us greatly to hear the love that many have had for our daughter and I know that your love for little Tonya will bless her forever family too.


Vicky said...

Thanks for sharing your "day" with us. And pictures... which I know I've seen on FB, but they still make me smile... and make me excited to meet her SOON. :)

I will post about Zoolights tomorrow evening, but one story...

When we were in the aquarium, I noticed a little girl that I was pretty sure had DS. Then, I heard her parents (or grandparents) say, "Come on, Anna! This way!" I stopped in my tracks and did a double-take. She had blond hair and looked so much like our Ana!

I wasn't 100% sure she had DS, so I resisted the urge to stop her parents and say, "Is your little girl named Anna and does she have DS? Because my best friend is in Eastern Europe right now adopting a girl named Ana with DS." Let's face it, THAT could have been awkward especially if she didn't have DS afterall).

Of course, now they just think I'm a weirdo who stares at kids with special needs because I kept glancing at her... Oh well, I'll never see them again anyway. She was ADORABLE, and it made me even more excited to meet Anastasia!!!

Kisha said...

Oh she's a beauty, thank you for sharing.

Amy said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful!!

mck said...

She's so beautiful!! Congratulations!!! Praying for you guys!

Envyshope said...

We are also trying to adopt from the Ukraine. We are in the middle of our home study. Your pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have! We also have several young bio children at home - daughters age 4, 2, and 7 months! God bless you and thank you for being an inspiration to our family.

Kelli Stever

Michelle said...

congrats on your daughter - what a cutie she is!

I came across your blog yesterday because of Tonya's story and was chatting with my husband about her (he's currently deployed so I don't know if we're in a position to adopt right now, but Tonya sure did pull at our heartstrings!) I checked Reece's Rainbow today and it looks like her picture has been moved to "My Forever Family" found me? I think it has - it's under that section but also in a section that the pictures are all highlighted yellow, not sure what that means. Anyway wonderful news if there is indeed a family committed to her.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Rosalie said...

Congratulations on your adoption of Anastasia ! She looks just like our daughter, Whitney. We so wish to see Tonya adopted and may consider adopting her ourselves. Do you have more photos of Tonya you can share. My email address is
the BC Down Syndrome Centre