Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Tonya Update

There is a family that is very much wanting to adopt Tonya, but the funding is what is holding them back. My hope is that we can all raise enough funds for Tonya in the next few days to get them to a place they feel comfortable they can raise the rest. If 1090 people donate just $20, then we can have her whole adoption funded. We can do that friends. We can give this family the help they need so that they can bring Tonya into their loving family.

The way to help is by donating on and specifying that the donation is for Tonya in orphanage 24. Please spread word and let people know this little girl needs her forever family. They are there waiting to bring her home and we can all do something to help make it happen. Even a $5 donation makes a difference, trust me- I know this well. Please pray for this to happen for little Tonya. I will be sure to update you when I am able.

Off to see Ana!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

We'll be praying Tonya gets her family soon! I'm so happy you got to meet up with Frank and Ellen and Andy!!! How fun!!! I almost wish I were there too... almost. LOL So glad both our kiddos are almost home!!!!

~love said...

i'm trying to donate a little to tonya and encourage my friends to do the same, but i can't find a link to her or a general donation button that i could specify her. do you happen to have a link to one of those? thank you!

Nicole said...

I just specified in the payment confirmation to got to Tonya #24. I hope that was right!

Vicky said...


Try this link:

Right now RR is having their Christmas fundraiser, which is what the link above is for. Click on the yellow "donate" button and that will take you to paypal. The yellow button is near the top of the page (if you start scrolling through kids' pictures, you've scrolled too far). Once you're in Paypal, enter your info and at the end before you confirm it will say something like "add a note to the recipient" (or something like that). Click that and write "for Tonya in Orphanage 24" and it will go to her.

You will get an email from Andrea (from RR)... I donated last night and got the email today, though I suppose if she wakes up to a bunch of donations, it might take her longer to go through them.

Hope that helps! Thanks for sponsoring Tonya!


PS-- on the Christmas Angel Tree page, Tonya is near the bottom under "help me reach $5000".

~love said...

vicky--done...thank you!!!