Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home for Christmas

Sorry to those of you that are not part of my Facebook friend list. I have not taken the time to update here that we made it home yesterday at noon, just in time for Christmas gifts and dinner. I have a lot to update you on, but I am also exhausted so it will have to wait. Isn't that how it works? When you have the most to share, you have the least time to do it.

I will say that Ana did very well on both planes and was amazingly good. She didn't cry or get antsy one time and we live on the west coast, so we had a LOT of flying to do to get home. She also did very well meeting her family and cuddling with those that she met. She played and wandered around as if she has been part of the family for a long time.

Today is our second day and it has been rough on her however. Her system is going through a lot right now and she is exhausted and sick. She has been throwing up today and wasn't even keeping clear liquids down most of the day. This evening I was able to give her Pedialite and it has stayed down for nearly two hours now. Hopefully that is a good sign and an answer to prayer.

Off to bed now. I am not sure how much sleep I am going to get since miss Curly was up a lot last night too. Ana is asleep, so I need to join in.


Vicky said...

I'm really really really really really really really really really really really... glad you're all home. It just makes my heart feel good to know you are all under one roof again :) Continuing to praise God for giving your family such a wonderful Christmas gift.

Praying everyone sleeps well tonight and Ana wakes up feeling better tomorrow. May her mischief-making with Smiles commence tomorrow! :)

(ha... my word verification is "retype")

Laurel said...

Hugs, Prayers, and Blessings to all of you!!!

So glad that you made it home for Christmas. Praising Jesus with you!

Send any prayer requests my way ... I KNOW there will be some in this time of transition.

Laurel :)

mom2speak said...

Since you said you will update here now, this is where I'll comment. DS doesn't make a child so different you are right. There are some challenges and the maturity and learning are slower but entirely possible. I am an paraeducator in a regular ed. classroom with a little girl with DS. She is wonderful! Some days are challenging and behavior isn't always typical 10 yr. old stuff. Sometimes that is o.k. Always do what you think best for her education and not what the school tells you. Do your research and learn the best technology to use and the best classroom setting for her. She will bring joy to your life that you will never imagine! Enjoy!

mom2speak said...

As I read through your once private now public blog, I saw that you met my friends Ellen and Andy. I look at this blog because I am in the same church and share some other common interests as well. They are great people and am glad you met them.

Mom of 7 said...

I'm so glad you are all home, safe and sound! I hope Ana feels better soon, poor little thing. I'm sure her sister and brother are anxious to play with her! Thanks for updating.


Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

This is SUCH good news! So glad you are ALL home together! Will be praying for little Ana... a big transition but a good one!

Mom (Grandma) said...

How we love our Ana already!
She is very sweet and adorable, it has been so good to hold her and snuggle with her and I am glad she has been willing, considering all the recent changes in her life.
Thank you God for a very special Christmas gift!

Envyshope said...

So glad that you made it home safely. We have had a stomach bug over Christmas too! Not fun. Hope you can all rest a bit and enjoy each other. God bless you!

mck said...

I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound. Praying for Ana to feel better and for the transition for all of you to go smooth!

Christine said...

Welcome home! What aprecious little girl!

April said...

Wow what an adventure. I am so glad that everything worked out in the end... God is so good!

We tried to adopt Tonya when you mentioned her on your blog. By the time we contacted Andrea w/ RR she told me that Tonya had her forever family. We have recently (Jan. 2) chosen Alyona from Ukraine to become a member of our family and couldn't be more excited! Any help, advice, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is all new us! Thank you for being such a blessing to these precious little ones.