Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today we had our court appointment to determine if they would grant us the privilege of being Anastasia's parents. It went well, though we were the first in this region to adopt special needs, we are very young (and they make sure that they point this out often for us), and we don't have a special needs child already. In the end though, we were granted rights to Anastasia and she is now officially our daughter. We can't take her out of the orphanage yet, but she is ours.

So...what happens now?

Now we wait for ten days before we can do anything. This wait is so that anyone in the country can have an opportunity to appeal the decision that was made today. Since she has had no interest in her by her parents or her adult siblings (which we just found out about today...she has two adult siblings that have never shown an interest in her at all), we don't believe that anyone would appeal this.

Then, after our ten days of visiting with Ana twice a day, and seeing any sights that we would like to see, we start the process of coming home. In region, meaning here in her town, we have three things to do. First, we get her birth certificate, which is thankfully in this city. That makes things faster for us. We get the birth certificate changed to have our names as her parents. This is done same day in a matter of an hour or so. Then we change her social security card to have her new name on it. Also done same day, so this is done the same day that the birth certificate is changed. Finally, we get her a passport. Now this is the part that we need prayer over. We will be able to make it home for Christmas IF our facilitator team is able to pull some strings to get the passport done the old way. The old way is done in region, the new way is done in Kiev. The old way we get it back right away, the new way we must wait for 3-5 business days for it to arrive back from Kiev. So, if we don't make it home for Christmas, we will be just shy of it.

This is the part that we need prayer for. Pray that we are able to get our passport the old way so that we can be home for Christmas with all of our kids. ALL of them =).

After these things we leave for Kiev where we will spend one day doing things at the US embassy (getting a visa, and medical clearance for Ana), and then the next day we can leave for home. This is all that is left between us and home. Home with our normal routine (or what will become our normal routine), and all of the people we miss.

This is my update for now. I am tired and ready for bed, but wanted to be sure and update you before I go to sleep...


Suzie said...

Congratulations! I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly for you

Laurel said...

Yea! So excited for you!

Praying for a speedy Passport processing.

Laurel :)

Nickie said...

Horray, congratulations and we will continue to pray for you!

Michelle said...

praying for those needed things to be done quickly, wow this brings back memories... we were fortunate to get the passport the old way for a "nominal fee" ;)


MoonDog said...

we too got it the old way for an expedition fee. here's hoping things go quickly for you. and dont hold your breath about birth certs taking an hour! nothing there happens fast!

Pam McG. said...

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you! What a blessing she will be to your family and your family will be to her! We are so excited for you!!! Praying it goes smooth for the Passport!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

You have all been in my thoughts and prayers today, and will ever be! It will all happen the way it should - I'm praying for a speedy "old" way so that you can come home soon. Hugs to you all. Love you guys.

Amy said...

I'm such a mess after reading your comment... I can't believe you might actually see him. If so... I would LOVE to see a picture of him if you could sneak one.

I know it doesn't make sense to the world, and I know that God had different plans for our family (and for him) but he will always be my son in my heart.

Thanks for at least sharing with me. :)

And congrats to you!!!!! ;)

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Congratulations! I'm SO HAPPY for you and your kids at home and your new daughter! What an amazing thing this all is! :) So thrilled for you!