Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking a Break

I love you guys. I do. I love all the ways that I have connected with some of you and how fun it has been to blog.

It's just that I am so busy right now and God has just opened another door for me that is going to take more of my time and I know that it might prevent me from blogging for a little while as well.

So, I am just giving you a heads up that this time of sparse blogging will probably continue for awhile. I will update with things related to the adoption and I will have more of that once we actually get a little farther in the when we travel. If you don't have the benefit of the option of "following" (which I love because it can even be anonymous, but you still don't have to just go to each blog and read it as it comes up on your dashboard...and that's nice for the people I like that post like once a month), then I would say checking once a week should be good.

...and I do promise to post something for Smiles on his birthday which is next Sunday. It would just be wrong not to (And Gramps might get angry with me =).

So, for the next month or perhaps two- don't say I didn't warn you that things might be slow around here.


Gramp"s said...

You are right about Gramp's being upset. I need pictures of those Kids!!!!!!! Gramp"s has been perty quiet in the way of comments for a while, Typing is sure a lot harder with the hunt and peck system.

J. R. Miller said...

enjoy your break!!

Mom said...

Since when has Gramps NOT used the hunt and peck??? Maybe its hard to teach himself to do it with different fingers.
I love the pictures...Curly's good at making faces :) so's her cousin Aubrey ;/

Sugar and Spice said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Mckmama! I wanted to share my website with you:
I will be donating a portion of all sales to the String of pearls to help families and babies like Stellan! I am trying to get it out there in any way I can! Please let your family, friends etc. I would really appreciate it!
Thanks!! :)

Laurel said...

Now you've got me curious ... would love to hear about the door that God has opened. :)

Hope you and the family are doing well. Would LOVE to see you and chat sometime in the coming month.

Laurel :)