Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet the Family: Aunt Artsy

Aunt Artsy is my mom's fourth child. She shares a dad along with our youngest brother on Mom's side.

I remember when Aunt Artsy was born. I was ten years old and sat in the living room until really late after my first day of school in the fourth grade. I watched Fern Gully. Through mom's noises of discomfort, my impatience grew. What was taking this baby so long to come out?! I fell asleep. I remember them waking me up to see her, but I don't think it really registered for me until the next morning when I went in to see my mother and asked if indeed the baby had FINALLY been born last night. I saw her and was off to my second day of fourth grade, giddy over my new sister. It was the first time I was old enough to really fully enjoy my baby sibling.

I remember sharing a room with little Aunt Artsy. She was slightly obnoxious, especially when she cried in the night. I slept in the same bed with her a few times when she was older...that was not fun. The girl may be very small, but apparently she is an ogre inside because her body doesn't think that one measly side of the bed is enough. She tears through the night like a battle rages on. It isn't pretty.

My childhood is not the only time that her battle-style sleep habits have caused me discomfort and lack of sleep. Last summer she was staying over and Curly had switched to a twin sized bed. We thought that it would be okay for Aunt Artsy to sleep with her instead of the usual sleeping bag on the floor since Curly took up so little of the bed. All was well for the first hour or two, but then. Then something went BUMP in the night...and that something was my little freshly two year old daughter being evicted from her own bed. Handsome wasn't home that night, so I just pulled her in with me and she was fine, though rather ticked at her auntie. She said something and I can't remember her exact words now, but I think it was something along the lines of: sniff, sniff "Aunt Artsy" sniff, tear, sniff "stoled MY BED!" Followed by sobbing and tearful exclamations that made little sense due to the fact that it was two year old speak through massive tears.

We do not put her in a bed with anyone now. Ever. (Well, unless it's for punishment. Then it's okay...)

Aunt Artsy was talented in the area of creativity from a very early age. She used to draw and color things that were very beyond the normal scope of children her age. She drew stick figures at two and even drew a stick figure chicken on the laundry room doors at two and half. It was a very good chicken indeed. She won an art contest when she was four and was in the local paper. Now she does all things artistic including sculpting, pastels, watercolor, beading, and so much more. Her favorite right now is culinary arts. She is extremely talented with cooking and flavors. She was in the culinary club at school and was first place in her class competition to get into the club.

Aunt Artsy is pretty adventurous, unlike her older sister (ME).

She will try most things once...or even twice. That goes for unique food AND thrill seeking adventures. The girl was never afraid of much, though she was a drama queen when she was younger. She used to put on the most elaborate show for us over the slightest stubbing of her toe, which is strange because now she is pretty tough. I guess now that she isn't at the bottom of the list in the house since so many of us have grown up and left the house she doesn't need to do it for attention anymore.

Or she figured out it didn't work. You know, like that one time that she ACTUALLY broke her foot and Mom didn't take her to the doctor for a couple of days because she thought she was making it up. Yeah. That might have done it.

Never cry wolf. That's Aunt Artsy's new motto.

The girl loves animals too. She knows tons of things about them and wants to become a veterinarian or something working with animals. She would probably yell at me for saying veterinarian instead of some fancy word like zoologist or something. I don't know what the heck she wants to be. Some fan-dangled animal loving thing. Okay Aunt Artsy? Is that good enough for you!? She is volunteering at the local nature center doing day camps right now in fact...or finishing up the training stuff at least.

She knows her "big cats" too. Just thought I would throw that in there for any of you who wanted to know. Don't mess those up or she'll eat you alive!

Aunt Artsy is pretty cool. She is one of the favorite Aunts around. Curly loves to have her come over and play with play doh. They make all kinds of cool things that I could never dream of making, like macaroni and cheese. "WITH A BOWL MOM!" Yep, Aunt Artsy makes her play doh mac and cheese with the additional bowl and spoon. Now that's an awesome playmate.

Curly and Aunt Artsy have a special thing. Licking.

When Curly was being taught not to lick people, well...she was taught not to lick people other than Aunt Artsy. (And Grandma Burger sometimes.) I don't know how Aunt Artsy came to be the one it's okay to lick, but somehow that is the case.

In fact, I am sure Aunt Artsy has indeed wondered the same thing. "How did I become the one that it was okay to lick?" The world may never know.

While Aunt Artsy is much younger than I am, I would have to say that she is one of the siblings that I enjoy most. When she comes over to spend the night we end up laughing a lot, and we bond over things like Photoshop. It's great. It also helps that she is great with the kids and doesn't hesitate to get in and get dirty with them. I love to have this girl around!

So, for Aunt Artsy- "HARD MIX!!!"


Artsy said...


Why was that so funny anyway?

-Aunt Artsy:)

Mom (Lisa) said...

This kid is AWESOME!!!
Seriously, she is really fun and sweet and helpful. I almost never get drama from her (now that she is over limping for an hour after a scratch!). She is almost seventeen but she still snuggles up to me to talk or watch T.V. almost every night.
She has helped me cater three weddings and I would not want to do one without her...BTW she wants to be a chef and is looking into culinary schools. But she does love animals, and kids. She is such a blessing to me and the rest of her family. I could not be without my Artsy Girl!

Bronwyn said...

She is beautiful!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

She is breathtaking. She looks a lot like your mom. You have lots of great siblings, and so do they have one in you!