Monday, July 27, 2009

A Party for Smiles

Now, isn't Smiles the cutest birthday boy you've seen in quite some time? I just love his little self. Check out his adorable curls under that Elmo hat!

You'll notice these pictures have a few things in common.

#1- They are all in the general vicinity of Papa's lap. Papa has magnetic powers with small children. No one knows why. It just is...and we don't mess with it.

#2- The activities are rather similar. Reality people- a one year old doesn't do all that much throughout their day. For all you know these photos could have been taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the party. (Well, other than the lack of cupcake on his face...)

#3- Smiles is "melt your face off" cute. Do I really need to explain that one? He is clearly cute, this is no party favor, he is always that adorable!

Some variety for you. Activity #1- move around a lot so Mom can't take clear pictures inside.

Activity #2- play with crumpled napkin. It's cool cause it's with Papa.

Activity #3- play coy with Mom while holding onto Papa's leg.

Activity #4- look pathetically into Papa's eyes and see how quickly you can get him to pick you up. (It's a matter of milliseconds.)

Gloat and get photographic proof of your control over the adults. One day you will need to prove that you are in charge.

NEXT- presents.

Smiles actually did quite well. He likes having toys that don't belong to his sister. (He is very good at sharing.)

Finally, cake.

Blow out your candle with Mom's help.

Make a HUGE mess. That's what first birthdays are really all about!

(It might look like egg here, but it really is cupcake.)

Smiles had a wonderful birthday. It was simple and sweet, just like we like them. Happy first birthday my little one.


Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Happy 1st Birthday Smiles!

Great post honey. The control over adults part made me laugh because it is so true. You can hardly resist this one or his sisters!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

What a cute boy he is! Those are great pictures, too. Thanks for sharing. The cupcake for the big man was beautiful! Wow!

mom said...

I still can't believe he ate that whole giant cupcake!!!

Vicky said...

Thanks for having him for me a year ago (because I KNOW it was all for me). He's made this past year quite wonderful, and I look forward to seeing him continue to grow!

Tesney said...

Found your blog on the RR site. We are also adopting a child from the RR site...a little boy from Eastern Europe with DS. Just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for your family!