Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Become the People You Spend the Most Time With

Sometimes a Mom needs a woman like herself to talk to.  A person who is in the throws of child-rearing and has similar situations to her own.  I don't exactly have that person at this point, but I hope I meet her.

Sometimes you need a person to spill your moments with who will understand that that doesn't mean you don't have things under control and you are about to fly off the deep end.  Someone who understands that the day was all wonderful until that moment (and it can happen in an instant) when everybody needs something all at once and you have three to four screaming bodies that need you and you suddenly revert to the age range that your children fall within and you get the urge to just drop everything, sit on the floor, and sink your teeth into one of them as deeply as you can because you are SO. DONE. and  you just want them to stop screaming so you can think long enough to decide who the heck has the highest priority need at the moment...and then the waters are suddenly smooth all over again and tranquility reigns.  But.  Most people don't understand that.

Because there are moments of chaos- I'm in over my head.  I have too many little kids.  Or I am doing a great job "under the circumstances".  Or, "It gets better than this, I promise."

I don't know that it will get better than this.  How can it get better than this?  I love this, even if this has moments of intense craziness where I feel like I am literally going to explode if they don't stop...I don't want it to change.  And while there are people that understand that I'm not going crazy, and people that get how fun and also insane my life can be, I still sometimes need someone that I can tell about a situation that can say, "I KNOW!  Seriously!  The other day..."  And perhaps that someone can help me to refrain from loosing all sanity someday and becoming like the little people that I spend all your time with...and giving a big hard bite to one of them*.

So for now, know that there are moments of craziness, but they are just that.  Moments.  The rest of the time we have a lot of fun.  And those crazy moments sure are intense.

*I did not bite one of my children.  However, the feelings of wanting to bite someone or something HAVE come to me before.

Also, for those that might have thought that Gumby's fat lip happened because I dropped her out of my arms, I'm sorry for writing that unclearly.  I was holding her hand and she slipped out as she was falling because suddenly there was her entire body's weight resting in one of my hands and I didn't have a solid grip on her hand.


Jenilee said...

lol the days where my only companions are little people... :) i am with you friend! :) email and vent anytime.

oh, and my girls slip and fall all the time. sometimes even if I'm holding their hand. especially Annalise. and abby has a huge bruise on her head from falling into our bed. it is again, the life of living with little people who love to hop, skip, jump, dance, pull, run, slide and all other manner of movements instead of just walking correctly.

I hear you!

Vicky said...

I'm doing my best to join you "in the throws of child-rearing" ;) But even though I'm not there, I do understand most of the time, and I'm always here to listen.

You are doing a great job as a mommy! I know you LOVE your job and see the blessings even when you feel like joining the screaming and whining.

Thanks for sharing your kids with me and letting me occasionally join in on the crazy chaos. :)

Amelia said...

Oh my. I could not have said it better! And I only have TWO. :-)

P.S. Totally knew exactly what you meant when you said Gumby slipped from your grip in that other post. Happens all the time to me! How funny that people thought you dropped her. Lol!